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A list containing the majority of Citrix Workspace app for iOS (formerly Receiver for iOS) support articles collated to make this page a one stop place for you to search for and find information regarding any issues you have with the product and its related dependencies.

  • Citrix Workspace app lets you access your SaaS, web apps, mobile, virtual apps, files, and desktops to help you be as productive on the go as you are in the office. If your company uses Citrix, you have the freedom to work on your favourite device from wherever you are. Just ask your IT department how to get started.
  • Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS. The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS collects and delivers managed device information to the UEM console. Because this information may contain sensitive data, Workspace ONE UEM takes extensive measures to ensure that the information is encrypted and that it originates from a trusted source.

Citrix Workspace app for iOS uses platform (iOS) crypto for connections between Citrix. Citrix Workspace app for iOS.

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Receiver for iOS / Workspace app for iOS:

Workspace App Ios Download

wdt_IDBrief Description of IssueBrief Description of FixApplicable Product Versions Affected (if known)Link to supplemental Support Article(s)
1When launching any application you receive error 'Server error.; The server disconnected the session.'.This could be caused by firewall port blockage either internally or externally via NetScaler. It could also be down to STA servers either not configured on NetScaler or down.
2As you type into an application such as Word or Notepad, the virtual keyboard appears on screen. Eventually after several lines of text some of that text will begin to dissapear underneath the keyboard.Citrix are aware of this issue and a solution is under investigation.
3The keyboard does not automatically display and users have to manually select it to open.Check the 'Automatic keyboard display' policy within Citrix Studio is set to 'Allowed'.
4When logging on to NetScaler Gateway through Receiver for iOS you receive error 'The Gateway has Epa Enabled, which is not supported on iOS devices'.Disable PNAgent Legacy Mode on the relevant StoreFront store by unchecking 'Enable XenApp Services support'.
5When your password has expired and you change it through NetScaler Gateway, you receive error 'Incorrect Credentials'.Ignore the error message as the password has been changed. This is a known issue and current limitation in Receiver for iOS 6.1.1.Receiver for iOS 6.1.1.
6You receive the error message 'You have chosen not to trust .., the issuer of the server's security certificate' when connecting to NetScaler Gateway.Stricter certificate validation checks have been included in Receiver for iOS 7.2.2 and above versions. You must make sure that NetScaler provides the complete certificate chain to clients and that none of the certificates in that chain have expired.Citrix Receiver for iOS 7.2.2.
7When using Receiver for iOS 7.3 or earlier on iOS 11, when authenticating to NetScaler or StoreFront with a Smart Card you receive error “Your smart card does not have a valid certificate”. Users running iOS 9 and 10 do not experience the same.There is no workaround as yet. Citrix recommend you do not upgrade yet to iOS 11 if you use Smart Cards for authentication.iOS 11.
8Smart Card users running Receiver for iOS 7.2.3 are unable to connect to VDA 7.13 applications and receive error “The operation couldn’t be completed (HdxSdkErrorDomain_Sessionerror 8)”.Enable “Enhanced Desktop Experience” via Citrix policies.
9Pinch and zoom does not work on iPad.Disable the 'Citrix MultiTouch Redirection' service on the VDA.
10When you have Citrix Policy 'HDX Adaptive Transport' set to 'Preferred' and are connecting through NetScaler Gateway, you may experience your session disconnecting or the session launch displaying an SSL error when you try to disconnect and reconnect a session.This is a known issue. Either disable SmartControl and HDXInsight on NetScaler, set disable HDX Adaptive Transport or upgrade to NetScaler 12.x.Citrix Receiver for iOS 7.5 and Citrix NetScaler 11.1.51.x, 52.x, 53.x, 54.x, 55.x, 56.x.

What's in the Release Notes

VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for iOS Release Notes provide information on the new features and improvements in each release. This page includes a summary of the new features introduced, a list of our resolved issues, and known issues. The release notes cover the following topics:

New Features

Workspace One App Ios

  • Attachment support in the For You Tab
    • Attachments added through the Workspace ONE Workflows or directly through the Notification Service such as Admin UI or API can now be accessed in the Intelligent Hub mobile app.
  • Support Tab design improvements
    • Containerization of the Support Tab landing page.
    • Clean-up of irrelative information. For example, if Support Email or Number is not provided, Hub will not display that in the list.
  • [Preview] Explore Tab: Support for more than 5 services
    • If an administrator has enabled all 6 services (Apps, People, Favorites, Support, For You, and Home tabs), Hub combines Apps and People into a new tab called Explore to adhere with mobile standards.
    • To enable this service, navigate to the Support tab, select your device > Preferences > ExploreTab.
  • Apps Tab Experience Modifications: A number of UI or UX uplift tweaks.
    • Containerization of the Apps Tab landing page
    • Support for dynamic text size
    • See All option for when the sections contain more apps than fit on the screen
    • Removal of secondary app installation prompt
  • Enhancements to the Deep Linking Framework: Additional capability to deep link into a person's profile on the People Tab.
    • wsonehub://people/view?id=<GUID>
      • Example. wsonehub://people/view?id=11e1b598-1cd1-49ec-8c84-024fc34353e7
      • Navigates to profile specified by the GUID
  • Web SDK Integration: With the Workspace ONE Web SDK integrated into Hub, in-app tunneling and browsing provides a more streamlined, single app experience.
    • Web settings are applied to the Home Tab and Helpful Links in the Support Tab to allow accessing intranet sites via the UAG. Additionally, links in the For You tab and Web or SaaS apps can now be opened in-line in Hub. With this functionality, there is Integrated Authentication for websites and SDK DLP policies to protect corporate data.
    • Configuration:
      1. To enable tunneling in Hub, an administrator must deploy a UAG or use the existing UAG deployment in the environment.
      2. Ensure that the Hub is assigned from the Workspace ONE UEM console and has an SDK profile associated with it.
      3. Specify the Device Traffic rules for Hub and list the domain or sites that need to be tunneled in Hub.
      4. Under the SDK settings, enable App Tunnel and select VMware Tunnel as the tunneling mode.
      NOTE: To enable Web or SaaS apps to launch within Hub itself, the administrator must configure the following key value pair (KVP) as a custom SDK setting:

{“OpenWebAppInHub”: true}

  • UI Tweaks: A number of tabs or modules received UI uplift tweaks.
    • Favorites Tab
      • Containerization of the landing page
      • Support for dynamic text size
      • Centering of the title text in the tiles
    • Apps Tab
      • Tile format for each app in the section
      • Modified the suggested search text
    • People Tab
      • Containerization of the landing page
      • Tile format for each person
      • Modified the suggested search text
      • Consistent order or direct reports
      • Consistent titles and order of attributes in profile view
    • Privacy Module
  • Updated Workspace ONE SDK: Consumed the WS1 SDK 20.11.1
  • Updates to Hub Assistant: Hub Assistant is now migrated to the v2 protocol
  • Enhancements to Workspace ONE Assist:
    • Added support for Workspace ONE Assist Server URL change
    • Added support for initializing Workspace ONE Assist in Hub based on Workspace ONE UEM privacy flag
  • Enhancements to the Deep Linking Framework: Additional capabilities to deep linking
    • wsonehub://apps/view/<app-name>
      • Example. wsonehub://apps/view/Boxer
      • Navigates to application specified by the app name
    • wsonehub://apps/view/<app-id>
      • Example. wsonehub://apps/view/com.air-watch.boxer
      • Navigates to application specified by the app id
    • wsonehub://apps/view?android=<android-app-id>&ios=<ios-app-id>&windows=<windows-app-id>&linux=<linux-app-id>
      • Example. wsonehub://apps/view?
      • Navigates to application specified by the app ID
      • iOS Hub will only pay attention to the iOS query parameter

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS version 12.2 and later

  • Workspace ONE UEM 1909 and later

Download Instructions

  • When any previous version of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is installed, the direct end-users must update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates the existing application version without disrupting the device enterprise functionality.

  • When any previous version of the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is not installed, the direct end-users must download the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub from the Apple App Store.

Resolved Issues

The resolved issues are grouped as follows.

CitrixResolved Issues for VMWare Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.03 for iOS
  • HUBI-5292: Flickering when viewing the Enrollment Terms of Use while in Dark Mode.

  • HUBI-5316: Location screen for iBeacon was missing a header.

  • HUBI-5524: Error banner fails to appear when invalid deep link is used. Mass number for mg.

  • HUBI-5688: Migration screen not shown in Hub during managed mode migration from Workspace ONE app to Intelligent Hub.

  • HUBI-5721: 'You have changed the icon for 'Hub' alert presented multiple times after un-enrollment rendering the app unresponsive.

  • HUBI-5743: Localization of the word 'Priority' is not loaded in title of priority notification card.

  • HUBI-5777: Security improvements for cached files.

  • HUBI-5785: Hub Catalog intermittently fails to appear.

Resolved Issues for VMWare Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 20.02 for iOS
  • HUBI-4707: User stuck at loading screen if Workspace ONE Access authentication fails.

  • HUBI-5137: Intermittent UI issue on the Apps Tab where the apps and sections are duplicated or empty.

  • HUBI-5236: Privacy and Group ID screen appear after un-enrollment.

  • HUBI-5251: Navigating back from Privacy screen incorrectly returns to Workspace ONE Access authentication screen.

  • HUBI-5380: Hub did not handle a 3 character hex value for branding.

  • HUBI-5501: Hub temporarily displays Privacy screen and then empty Account screen if device record is deleted from the UEM Console.

  • HUBI-5520: Hub incorrectly initializes and then disables Workspace ONE Intelligence.

  • HUBI-5525: Deep link for App Details during cold boot fails to show parameter in search bar.

  • HUBI-5535: Device in Registered Mode would fail to recover when Hub app was deleted and reinstalled.

  • HUBI-5572: Hub section in the Settings apps failed to load.

  • HUBI-5591: Notification prompt is shown on Hub on either fresh launch or when backgrounding the app.

  • HUBI-5637: Privacy screen missing dismiss button when triggered from multi-user staging flow.

  • HUBI-5645: Device Details section in Support Tab showing incorrect user after check-out.

  • HUBI-5662: Third party flip for registration failing when Hub is locked with a passcode.

Resolved Issues for VMWare Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 21.01 for iOS
  • HUBI-4295: Incomplete localization of text in the Settings app for Intelligent Hub.

  • HUBI-4305: Notification bar was not reflecting the accurate unread count.

  • HUBI-4863: The Privacy (GDPR) screens show intermittently as the device un-enrolls.

  • HUBI-5007: App icon change did not reflect until Hub app was restarted.

  • HUBI-5090: Unenroll Device option would be grayed out.

  • HUBI-5142: When in Agent-Only mode, incorrect error message was shown when staging user credentials were entered for single standard user.

  • HUBI-5144: Intelligent Hub intermittently requests a username/password after a restart of a successfully enrollment.

  • HUBI-5153: UI issue on the FTUX/Education screens.

  • HUBI-5167: UI issue in the People Tab when switching between Light Mode and Dark Mode.

  • HUBI-5208: Account screen not updating when Hub Catalog is disabled in a Hub Services-enabled environment.

  • HUBI-5228: Authentication page incorrectly formatted error message.

  • HUBI-5248: Empty APNs messages remaining in Agent-Only Mode.

  • HUBI-5272: Legacy download profile screen appears during enrollment.

  • HUBI-5273: Compromised status detection did not occur on first launch of a staging user enrolled device.

  • HUBI-5297: UI tweak to the icon in the overflow menu.

  • HUBI-5298: Floating action button moved when physical keyboard is attached to an iPad.

  • HUBI-5335: The close button of the History section in For You Tab was not dismissing correctly on an iPhone.

  • HUBI-5340: Device blacklisted message is not appearing in Hub.

  • HUBI-5342: Hub crashes when a custom setting from Workspace ONE UEM contains a null value.

  • HUBI-5418: Blacklisted apps were not displayed properly in compliance policy details.

  • HUBI-5454: Hub showed Discovery screen after checking out on multi-staging CICO screen.

  • HUBI-5456: Hub intermittently prompts for Access re-authentication after checking out a user for multi-staging.

  • HUBI-5492: Access screen did not load during checkout.

  • HUBI-5514: Alert for notification permissions seen right after installing and launching Hub.

  • HUBI-5547: Hub Services Education (FTUX) screens displayed when Source of Authentication is set to Workspace ONE Access but Hub Services is disabled.

Known Issues

The known issues are grouped as follows.

Known Issues for VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 21.03 for iOS

We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you are facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Citrix Workspace App For Ios

Known Issues for VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 21.02 for iOS

We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you are facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Known Issues for VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub 21.01 for iOS

We haven’t identified any notable known issues in this release. If you are facing any problems, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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