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Citrix Workspace app version 1911 for Windows Embedded Operating System Citrix Workspace app add-on for the following platforms: - Wyse 5070 Thin Client, Wyse 5470 Thin Client and Wyse 5470 All-in-One Thin client that run Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Redstone 1 - Wyse 5070 Thin Client that run Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Redstone 5. The Citrix Workspace app allows for secure, unified access to all of your SaaS apps, web apps, virtual apps, files, and desktops. If your company uses Citrix, simply login with your company credentials to access all of the resources you need to be productive from anywhere. The VS Helpdesk recommends using the Chrome or Edge web browsers in the Windows 10 operating system and Citrix Workspace App 1911 to access IPHIS-EDRS. Click here to download the recommended version of Citrix Receiver. The vue-router can't link to a right page in a multi-project or workspace #1911. W2819 opened this issue Feb 6, 2021 4 comments Labels. Bug: pending triage.

Deploy the Citrix Workspace App using Intune.


Step 1 – Create C:intuneCitrix folder.

Workspace 1911 Download

Step 2 – Download Citrix setup to C:intuneCitrix folder.

Step 3 – Create Intune.cmd in Citrix folder containing the following code:

Step 4 – Create CitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin file using the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe tool: The men we reaped.


IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c C:intuneCitrix -s CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe -o C:intune


Validating parameters
Validated parameters with 71 milliseconds
Compressing the souce folder ‘C:intuneCitrix’ to ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContentsCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin’
Calculated size for folder ‘C:intuneCitrix’ is 135358287 with 2 milliseconds
Compressed folder ‘C:intuneCitrix’ successfully with 10782 milliseconds
Checking file type
Checked file type with 7 milliseconds
Encrypting file ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContentsCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin’
‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContentsCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin’ has been encrypted successfully with 1049 milliseconds
Computing SHA256 hash for C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContents1f6bd862-d312-413c-8260-a3a4e55fb61b
Computed SHA256 hash for ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContents1f6bd862-d312-413c-8260-a3a4e55fb61b’ with 2553 milliseconds
Computing SHA256 hash for C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContentsCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin
Computed SHA256 hash for C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContentsCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin with 2668 milliseconds
Copying encrypted file from ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContents1f6bd862-d312-413c-8260-a3a4e55fb61b’ to ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContentsCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin’
File ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageContentsCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin’ got updated successfully with 622 milliseconds
Generating detection XML file ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackageMetadataDetection.xml’
Generated detection XML file with 256 milliseconds
Compressing folder ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackage’ to ‘C:intuneCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin’
Calculated size for folder ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackage’ is 135087474 with 1 milliseconds
Compressed folder ‘C:UsersHomelabAppDataLocalTempb069c44b-fd37-4729-9728-f504ebaeb095IntuneWinPackage’ successfully with 1498 milliseconds
Removing temporary files
Removed temporary files with 28 milliseconds
File ‘C:intuneCitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin’ has been generated successfully

[] 100%

Step 5 – Azure Portal > Microsoft Intune > Client Apps > Apps > Add > Windows app (Win32)

Navigate to CitrixWorkspaceApp.intunewin:

Fill in App information:

Fill in Program Config:
Install: Intune.cmd
Uninstall: “C:ProgramDataCitrixCitrix Workspace 1911TrolleyExpress.exe” /uninstall /cleanup

Fill in basic Requirements:

Fill in Detection Rule Config:
Path: C:ProgramDataCitrixCitrix Workspace 1911
File: TrolleyExpress.exe
Method: File or Folder exists

Step 6 – Click Add button.

Step 7 – Assign a group to the application and Save:

Step 8 – Force a sync or reboot client computer.


Citrix Workspace 1911 For Windows

Custom Publisher

reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallCitrixOnlinePluginPackWeb” /v Publisher /d “Intune” /t REG_SZ /f /REG:32

Direct Download

Citrix Workspace 1911 Mac

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