Tracked Forklift

The Ercules 15 Tracked forklift is larger than the lower models Ercules 10 and 13, carrying loads up to 1500 kg, it, too, keeping smaller sized rubber tracks ideal for all terrains and slopes up to 20°.

For cargo handling in soft, sandy and rough terrain

Box-mounted (BM) truck-mounted forklifts are stowed in a box on the carrier vehicle during transportation and are ready to use in less than 30 seconds anywhere and at any time. The remote controlled truck-mounted forklift features an impressive design that is revolutionary and functional. Autonomous Forklift Tracking with WISER Systems. WISER’s asset tracking and real-time location system (RTLS) enhances efficiency and safety by locating and tracking forklifts, pallet jacks, lift trucks, and buggies used to move valuable or dangerous assets. Keeping a real-time map of asset locations helps site managers manage key inventory and verify that it’s stored properly.


Simple operation system

Simple & comfortable operation is performed by Morooka original 1 driving lever and simple cockpit

High minimum ground clearance
Easy & safety operation can be done by high minimum ground clearance design

How to use find my friends on macbook air. Durable Rubber Tracks
Morooka rubber trucks offer the best of all worlds with low pressure, high performance movement and excellent traction.

Small Tracked Forklifts


Mini Tracked Forklift

ForkliftSmall tracked forklifts

Tracked Telescopic Forklift

Machine Weightkg4,315
Dimension Lengthmm4,030
Dimension Widthmm1,590
Dimension Heightmm2,250
Mast Heightmm2,135
Tilting Angle (Forward/Backward)
Engine ModelV2403-CR-TI-YDN
Engine Rated outputkw/min39.0/2,200
Ground Pressure (empty)kPa31.1
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