Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild

  • The latest DLC offering for the exemplary Total War: Three Kingdoms, The Furious Wild, brings with it a huge swathe of new ideas and content, which is good but also an uncharacteristic bevy of.
  • Hot off the heels of releasing Total War Troy, Creative Assembly has announced a new DLC for Three Kingdoms: The Furious Wild. The DLC will release on September 3rd, 2020. This new DLC is focused on the southern portion of the map, an area that was severely underpopulated in terms of characters, compared to northern China.
  • The Furious Wild is a large expansion to the 2019 strategy Total War: Three Kingdoms. It does not change the fundamental gameplay mechanics. Instead, it enlarges the available map and introduces new content, including fractions and another technology tree.

After launching for Windows on September 3, porter Feral Interactive has now hooked up Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild for Linux (and macOS) today.

The Furious Wild DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms gives the southern clans in China the opportunity to strike back against the oppressive Han dynasty that oppressed them for so long.

This is the first proper extension to the map in THREE KINGDOMS, letting you visit the jungles around Southern China and with it, the fearsome tribes of the Nanman. On top of the map expansion you get 4 new playable factions each with their own mechanics with a total of 19 new factions included. There's also over 25 new units, new character artwork, a Nanman-specific tech tree and more. You're also able to play it in the 190 and 194 start dates. Flappy bird hacked.

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On top of the expansion release, the Linux port is now also actually up to date too with the 1.6.1 update from the Windows version which we've been missing since the end of August. The 1.6 / 1.6.1 update was massive by itself as well so it's great to see that sorted out for Linux too. The highlights of that include:

  • The introduction of Shie Xie as a playable character (free DLC)
  • A front-end rework, which makes the main menu flow easier to get into a game
  • A rework of the entire campaign map which adds in: Gate Pass Battles, new commanderies in the south-west, additional new commanderies across the map and all regions have been given unique names
  • Balance changes across all characters and to battles
  • New unit type with Juggernauts, a very short-ranged artillery that are very deadly to enemies at close range
  • Tons of bug fixes
Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - The Furious Wild

Total War Three Kingdoms - The Furious Wild

The Linux version patch notes from Feral are as follows:

  • Adds support for the following DLC: The Furious Wild
  • Incorporates all changes up to Creative Assembly's 1.6.1 update
  • Adds support for the following free content: Shi Xie
  • Makes a number of additional improvements and minor bug fixes

Shamoke Total War

Available from Humble Store, Steam or you can buy it direct from the porter Feral Interactive on their store.

The Furious Wild

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