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Thomas & Friends
Series 7
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes26
Original networkNick Jr.UKTV
Original release6 October –
10 November 2003
Series chronology
Series 6
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  1. Thomas & Friends has sparked the imagination of young children for generations. The series features Thomas, a true blue engine friend who proudly wears the 'Number 1' on his side, and a cast of track stars.
  2. The Great Railway Show is an episode from the Spin off Series of Thomas and Nia. Thomas is chosen to compete in the international Great Railway Show at Bridlington, but gets a little nervous when he gets teased by a big engine named Vinnie, so his new friend, Ashima, helps Thomas to be his own best. Upon hearing this from Mzingo, Calvin, Eddy, Wilfred, and the rest of the clan plan to strike.

Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Reverend W. Awdry.

This article lists and details episodes from the seventh season of this series, which was first broadcast between 6 October 2003 and 10 November 2003. This season is narrated by Michael Angelis, although Michael Brandon narrated the episodes for American audiences. Michael Angelis later re-narrated four episodes for the United States audiences.


No. in
UK title (top)Main title (middle)US title (bottom)Directed byWritten byOriginal air date
1571'Emily's New Coaches'David MittonJan Page6 October 2003
A new engine called Emily arrives and mistakes Annie and Clarabel for her coaches. This makes Thomas cross, and he and the other engines make Emily feel rather unwelcome. Thomas is instructed by the Fat Controller to collect new coaches, frustrating him even more. Meanwhile, Oliver sternly tells Emily that Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' coaches, and Emily, realising that this is why everyone was unfriendly to her, goes to apologise to Thomas. Later, Oliver breaks down at a crossing and Thomas nearly crashes into him, but Oliver is rescued by Emily just in time. She is then presented with a new set of coaches.
1582'Percy Gets It Right'David MittonPaul Larson7 October 2003[nb 1]
Percy comes across some unsafe tracks on Toby's branch line and warns the other engines that a landslide might occur, but everyone refuses to listen to him. Thomas is tasked to collect a prize bull from the farm on Toby's line, but ends up getting trapped under a landslide. Percy rescues Thomas, and the Fat Controller apologises to Percy for not listening to him.
1593'Bill, Ben and Fergus'David MittonBrian Trueman8 October 2003
A traction engine called Fergus tries to help Bill and Ben at the quarry, but they find him bossy. They ignore his warning to take care with the noisy rock crusher, which leads to a rock-slide.
1604'The Old Bridge'The Old Iron Bridge'David MittonPaul Larson9 October 2003

Skarloey nearly falls off a wooden bridge, scaring him from passing it again. Rheneas takes over Skarloey's jobs to cross the bridge, but Skarloey is forced to conquer his fear when Rheneas breaks down on the bridge.

Note: This episode is part of James and the Express.
1615'Edward's Brass Band'David MittonRobyn Charteris10 October 2003[nb 2]
Edward is selected by the Fat Controller to take the brass band to the concert. At the docks, however, Big Mickey knocks Edward over with a huge boiler, much to Cranky's amusement. Because Edward cannot get repaired in time for him to take the band, his job is given to Bertie. The next morning, Bertie gets stuck on a muddy road, but Edward gets repaired at the same time, so he ends up taking the band after all.
1626'What's the Matter with Henry?'David MittonGeorge Tarry13 October 2003
Thomas and Percy do not believe that Henry is really feeling ill and give him a whole line of coal trucks to take. Luckily, Emily cares for her friend and helps solve what is hurting him.
1637'James and the Queen of Sodor'David MittonPaul Larson14 October 2003[nb 3]
Gordon gets fed up with James boasting about his paintwork and tricks him into taking the opportunity to be grand by taking a smelly old barge called the 'Queen of Sodor' to the smelters for repairs. James worries that he will get dirty when he has an accident with the barge, but he doesn’t and delivers it to the smelters safely. However, James gets quarry dust blown on him by Percy when he arrives back at the sheds.
1648'The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop'The Refreshment Lady's Stand'David MittonJames Mason15 October 2003
Peter Sam is given the assignment of helping the Refreshment Lady choose a new location for a stand of the tea shop of the room. But she only wishes to have a stand in each place.
1659'The Spotless RecordSpotless Record'David MittonPaul Larson16 October 2003
Thomas plays a trick on a new engine called Arthur (who has never been naughty or in an accident) by telling him to keep the troublesome trucks in order while taking some vans of fruit to market. But when Arthur gets fed up with the troublesome trucks' singing and orders them to stop, they get him into an accident and ruin his spotless record. When Arthur explains his accident to the Fat Controller, a guilty Thomas fesses up to causing it and the Fat Controller orders him to help clean up the mess. At the wash-down later, when Arthur is being cleaned, Thomas apologises for tricking him. Arthur forgives Thomas and they both agree that all spotless records are made to be broken and then mended again, just like friendships.
16610'Toby's Windmill'Toby and the Windmill[1]'David MittonJan Page17 October 2003[nb 4]
Toby accidentally causes trouble at his favourite windmill with some flour trucks. To make matters worse, a storm destroys it. Toby wants to make up for his mistake by fixing it.
16711'Bad Day at Castle Loch'David MittonJenny McDade20 October 2003[nb 5]
While Donald and Douglas are pleased about Lord Callan's castle reopening, they are not too excited when they encounter something spooky that night during a trip.
16812'Rheneas and the Roller Coaster'David MittonJames Mason21 October 2003
Rheneas wants to show the children a really special sight, but does not think anything around is good enough. Meanwhile, he stumbles onto a twisty and unsafe track.
16913'Salty's Stormy Tale'David MittonPolly Churchill22 October 2003
Salty is hurt when he hears Thomas and Percy copying the way he speaks. But during a storm that night, he and Fergus fix a lighthouse and stop what could have been a terrible shipwreck. The next morning, the ship's crew thanks Salty for saving them, and he forgives Thomas and Percy for their teasing.
17014'Snow Engine'Oliver the Snow Engine[2]'David MittonJenny McDade23 October 2003[nb 6]
It has been snowing on the Island of Sodor and Oliver is complaining about the weather. He sees some children building a giant snowman which gets bigger everytime he passes by and Toad comments that the snow is 'magical', much to Oliver's anger. Later, the Fat Controller assigns Oliver to deliver some goods needed for the winter festival, frustrating him even more. However, Oliver skids on the icy tracks and crashes into the snowman, forcing him and Toad to spend the night in the cold weather. The next morning, the children find eyes in their snowman's tummy and observe that it is actually Oliver as a snow engine. Amazed by their happiness, Oliver feels better, but Toad is still feeling cold.
17115'Something Fishy'David MittonPaul Larson24 October 2003
Arthur is disappointed when the new line at the Fishing Village is given to Thomas – who hates fish. But Thomas' attitude leaves him in a mess with the troublesome trucks laughing at him and only Arthur can help with.
17216'The Runaway Elephant'David MittonGeorge Tarry27 October 2003
A new park is being built, and Duncan is determined to finish all of his jobs first. The Fat Controller assigns Duncan to collect an elephant statue and deliver it to the park, and instructs him to go slowly with the statue. Duncan becomes impatient and leaves without the brake van, but the heavy statue soon pulls him along the line, and he soon crashes at the park, sending the statue into the lake. At the grand opening of the park, the Fat Controller tells Duncan that everyone loves the statue in the lake, despite it being an accident.
17317'Peace and Quiet'David MittonPaul Larson28 October 2003
A new engine called Murdoch only wants some peace and quiet, which is something that is hard to find on a railway. The next morning, he runs into a flock of noisy sheep on the line. Later that night, he forgives Harvey and Salty for their friendship.
17418'Fergus Breaks the Rules'Thomas and the Search for Fergus[3]'David MittonJan Page29 October 2003
Diesel is sent to work with Fergus at the cement works, but gets annoyed by his bossiness and tricks Fergus into thinking the Fat Controller wants him to work at the smelters yard. However, Fergus runs away after 'Arry and Bert scare him, and Thomas is sent to look for him. Thomas brings Fergus back to the smelters, where Fergus explains to the Fat Controller what Diesel told him. The Fat Controller tells Fergus he will send Diesel to work at the smelters, and Fergus can return to the cement works the next day.
17519'Bulgy Rides Again'David MittonBrian Trueman30 October 2003
Bulgy is given a second chance at being a bus, but the hens still want him as their henhouse. They sneak back on board and cause trouble the next morning.
17620'Harold and the Flying Horse'David MittonRobin Kingsland31 October 2003
It is the day of the Vicar's party and the engines are excited to attend it. Harold is sad that he cannot go to the party as he is on patrol. While refueling at his airfield, he meets Pegasus, the horse that will give the children rides at the party. Later, Pegasus gets stuck in a ditch, and Harold rescues him, so he ends up going to the party after all.
17721'The Grand Opening'David MittonJames Mason3 November 2003
Skarloey becomes impatient after the Fat Controller scolds him for being late for the announcement about the grand opening of the new line. the Fat Controller and Lady Hatt ride in the hot-air balloon to the grand opening, but the balloon runs out of hot air and crash-lands in a tree. Luckily, Skarloey spots them and gives them a ride the rest of the way.
17822'Best Dressed Engine'David MittonPolly Churchill4 November 2003
The engines decorate themselves for May Day and decide to hold a contest for the 'Best Dressed Engine.' Gordon refuses to participate in the contest, claiming that decorations are an insult to express engines. On his journey, however, a banner gets strung across Gordon's boiler by mistake, leading to him accidentally crashing into a cart of apples. When the other engines see Gordon with the banner, they declare him the winner of the 'Best Dressed Engine' contest. Gordon is secretly pleased, but embarrassed to say so.
17923'Gordon and Spencer'David MittonLee Pressman5 November 2003
Gordon is jealous of Spencer, the world's fastest steam engine. But Spencer runs out of water on Gordon's Hill, making him the one in disgrace.
18024'Not So Hasty Puddings'Not So Hasty Cakes'Thomas and the Avalanche'David MittonRobyn Charteris6 November 2003
Thomas is jealous when Elizabeth is given the task of shipping Christmas puddings. But she slips on the icy roads, so Thomas has to help after all.
18125'Trusty Rusty'David MittonJames Mason7 November 2003
Rusty notices cracks in the supports of the old wooden bridge and warns the Fat Controller and the other engines that it might fall. Duncan refuses to listen to Rusty for being 'only a diesel', and forgets to wait for his coal. When Duncan realises he needs more coal, he decides to cross the bridge, but he runs out of steam halfway across just as it starts to fall. Luckily, Rusty finds and rescues Duncan just before the bridge collapses completely.
18226'Three Cheers for Thomas'Hooray for Thomas'David MittonJan Page10 November 2003[nb 7]
To feel important, Thomas agrees to race Bertie. But during his competition, the load of medals for the children's competition needs to be delivered, and Thomas needs to do this job.

This is a list of Thomas & Friends episodes from the franchise. 1 All Episodes 1.1 Series1 (1984-1985) 1.2 Series 2 (1986-1987) 1.3 Series 3 (1991-1992) 1.4 Series 4 (1994-1995) 1.5 Series 5 (1998-1999) 1.6 Series 6 (2002-2003) 1.7 Series 7 (2003-2004) 1.8 Series 8 (2004) 1.9 Series 9 (2005) 1.10 Series 10 (2006) 1.11 Jack and the Pack (2006) 1.12 Series 11 (2007-2008) 1.13 Series 12 (2008) 1. The following is a list of episodes of the television series Thomas & Friends.As of 20 January 2021, 584 episodes of Thomas & Friends have aired.

Thomas And His Friends Episodes


  • Emily the Emerald Engine ('Emily's New Coaches')
  • Fergus the Railway Traction Engine ('Bill, Ben and Fergus')
  • Arthur the Big Tank Engine ('The Spotless Record')
  • Murdoch the Mighty Engine ('Peace and Quiet')
  • Spencer the Silver Engine ('Gordon and Spencer')
  • Lord Callan ('Bad Day at Castle Loch')
  • Sodor Brass Band ('Edward's Brass Band')
  • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford ('Gordon and Spencer')

Returning characters cast[edit]

  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Bertie
  • Terence (does not speak)
  • Harold
  • Stepney (stock footage, cameo)
  • George (cameo)
  • S.C. Ruffey (music video cameo)
  • Bulstrode (music video cameo)
  • Daisy (music video cameo)
  • BoCo (music video cameo)
  • Butch (cameo)
  • Tiger Moth (cameo)
  • Henrietta (cameo)
  • Troublesome Trucks
  • Toad


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Thomas And Friends Episodes


Thomas And His Friends Old Episodes

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