Test My Data Speed

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How to Test Your Internet Speeds

To check your baseline internet speed (the network speed direct to your modem), follow these steps: Turn off all other connected devices and applications Connect directly to your modem Run the internet speed test a few times.

Testing your internet or WiFi speeds is just a button click away, but before you do there are a few steps to keep in mind to ensure you get the best possible results.

Use a Wired Connection

A wired connection will always provide the fastest speed and best Internet experience. When performing the speed test be sure to connect your computer to your modem using an Ethernet cable:

Check Your Computer Speed

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable from the back of the modem to the open Ethernet port on your computer.
  2. Connect the power cord from the back of the modem to an electrical outlet.
  3. Check the modem and router lights to confirm they have power, and are connected to the network and your computer.
  1. Use our tool to test your broadband speed and help our campaign. Plus, receive tips on how to improve your speed. For the most accurate results, use a cable to connect your computer to your router. If you need to test wirelessly, position yourself as close to your router as possible.
  2. When you click the “Show more info” button, you can see your upload speed and connection latency (ping). FAST.com provides two different latency measurements for your Internet connection: “unloaded” and “loaded” with traffic. The difference between these two measurements is also called “bufferbloat”.

Remember that every Ethernet cable has a speed limit. Some cables only support speeds up to 10 Mbps, which is slower than most RCN Internet speed packages. Make sure your Ethernet cable can support the speed you’ve signed up for. If not, you’ll need one that will.

Test My Cellular Data Speed

Turn off Unused Connected Devices

Be sure to turn off unused devices including laptops, tablets, phones, gaming systems, or other smart home devices. Multiple devices connected to your home network may result in slower internet and WiFi speeds. This is because devices divide bandwidth like a pie, with each device taking the portion it needs at the time of use resulting in slower speeds.

Close all Applications and Programs

Test Your Data Speed

Applications or programs running in the background, even when not in use, may be using your internet connection. It is recommended that these programs be closed until after the speed test is completed.

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