Telehandler Forks

Magna Forklift Forks is America's leading supplier of quality forklift forks for all makes and models of industrial equipment. Fast and free shipping, 5 year warranty, and the largest selection in America. Call 888-624-1101 to order. Telehandler forks feature a high capacity frame capable of handling loads from 6,000 to 12,000 pounds. All forks are made of a premium steel blend and subjected to a full heat treatment process. This extends the life of the fork by reducing damage from impact and stress, especially in cooler climates.

ITA / FEM Class Forks

Hook-ITA fork classes are the same world -wide under ISO standards. The standard FEM hook style fork arms come in two types, “A’ & “B”. The difference in the types reflect differences in the ground-to-carriage distance when the mast id fully lowered. Type “A” is primarily used for indoor and many outdoor trucks. Type “B” is primarily intended for outdoor trucks. However, the applications can be interchangeable. Type “B” forks can replace type “A” forks, but not vice-versa because the type “A” would not reach the ground.

Telehandler Forks For Sale

In North America, classes are designated by Roman numerals. The rest of the world uses Arabic numbers.

Hook Fork Classes

  • Class I is forklifts up to 1,999 LB at 24” load center

  • Class II is forklifts rated 2,000 LB through 5,500 LB @ 24” load center

  • Class III is forklifts rated 6,000 LB to 10,000 LB @ 24” load center

  • Class IV is forklifts rated 10,000 LB to 17,500 LB @ 24” load center

  • Class V is forklifts rated from 17,500 LB to 24,000 LB at 24” load center

Can't tell what you have? Measure the Carriage Bars! ( Top of top to Bottom of bottom)

  • Class I: 13”

  • Class II: 16”

  • Class III: 20”

  • Class IV: 25”

  • Class V: 28.67”

Telehandler Forks

Under-Clearance by Type

Jlg Telehandler Forks

  • Class I a 3” Class I b 4.5”

  • Class II a 3” Class II b 6”

  • Class III a 3” Class III b 8”

  • Class IV a 5” Class IV b 10”

  • Class V a 5” Class V b 10.12”


Telehandler Forks

*Rough terrain trucks will possibly have higher under-clearance, but not always.

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