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  • The original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode is back! Character-specific Dice Blocks with alternate numberings add another level to your strategy Pair two Nintendo Switch systems, lay them flat, and creatively combine both screens to enjoy a new, interactive style of tabletop gaming in.
  • Super Mario Party - Nintendo Switch. A complete refresh of the Mario Party™ series The original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode that fans love is back, and your friends and family are invited to the party! Freely walk the board: choose where to move, which Dice Block to roll, and how to win the most Stars in skill-based minigames.

Trike Harder

The Mario Party series is coming to the Nintendo Switch system with super-charged fun for everyone! The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic elements, like specifc Dice Blocks for each character.

Race on a teeny-tiny trike and pedal like mad in a short race to the finish line!

Sizzling Stakes

Cook every surface of the cube! When a surface is fully cooked, the Joy-Con controller will rumble.


The more central your character is in the photo, the more points you get. Try to be the center of attention!

Bumper Brawl

Bump your rivals out of the area!

Fuzzy Flight School

Avoid the Fuzzies! If you hit three, you’re out!

Smash and Crab

Dodge the hammers to survive!


Cheerful. Inspiring. Jumpy. Everyone loves Mario—and for good reason!


Luigi is taller than his brother Mario. Plus, he parts his mustache in the middle!


This princess rules over the Mushroom Kingdom with her friends by her side.


The ruler of Sarasaland loves the thrill of the chase. Daisy plays to win!


Wario is a rude and crude fellow who likes to toot…his own horn, that is.


Waluigi thinks he’s Luigi’s biggest rival, but he’s more believable as Wario’s sidekick.


Yoshi is one of Mario’s best friends. He also has an extremely sticky tongue.


The King of the Koopas has monstrous strength and even more monstrous breath.

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong looks harmless but is actually a peanut-popping powerhouse of a player.

Donkey Kong

Who has a fancy yellow tie and two opposable thumbs? Donkey Kong, of course!

Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch
up to 4 players
Game file size:
2.8 GB
Supported Play Modes:

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