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RKill is a program that was developed at BleepingComputer.com that attempts to terminate known malware processes so that your normal security software can then run and clean your computer of infections. When RKill runs it will kill malware processes and then removes incorrect executable associations and fixes policies that stop us from using certain tools. When finished it will display a log file that shows the processes that were terminated while the program was running.

  • Rkill64.exe is part of Rkill and developed by Bleeping Computer, LLC according to the rkill64.exe version information. Rkill64.exe's description is 'Terminates malware processes so that you can run your normal security programs.' Rkill64.exe is digitally signed by Bleeping Computer, LLC.
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  • Rkill is a small, freeware and portable tool designed to terminate active malware processes allowing you to use other removal tools. Rkill is made by a Microsoft MVP “Lawrence Abrams” and is available in 4 different extensions. An.EXE.COM.SCR and a.PIF file.

As RKill only terminates a program's running process, and does not delete any files, after running it you should not reboot your computer as any malware processes that are configured to start automatically will just be started again. Instead, after running RKill you should immediately scan your computer using some sort of anti-malware or anti-virus program so that the infections can be properly removed.

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Below are a list of RKill download links using different filenames. We offer RKill under different filenames because some malware will not allow processes to run unless they have a certain filename. Therefore when attempting to run RKill, if a malware terminates it please try a different filename offered below.

For more information about RKill and to ask questions regarding how it should be used, please visit the support topic here:

Rkill Windows Defender Disabled

RKill - What it does and What it Doesn't - A brief introduction to the program
One way that malware protects itself is by avoiding detection by antivirus software and other antivirus tools that are installed on the PC. Sometimes it does this by blocking the software. RKill is a lightweight program that scans your Windows operating system for these kinds of processes and temporarily disables them so that you can properly rid your PC of any malware.
Keep in mind, this application doesn't remove malware of any kind; it just stops the malware processes. This means once you restart your computer, the malware in question will run again if it is able to. Basically, RKill is a great supplemental application and should be used along with the antivirus software you have installed.
By Raúl Rosso


How to remove malware from your computer in five steps

Infecting your PC is all too easy. Even if you have an up-to-date, active antivirus you might still accidentally click on a link you shouldn’t and within a few seconds you’ll be in malware up to your ears. Each case is a world unto itself as there’s loads of malicious software out there with different infection systems. Nevertheless, there’s a series of basic, generic steps you can take to disinfect your PC.

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