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The second generation of the Peugeot 308 is pretty old if you remember the year it came out, namely 2013. Manufactured in France, Malaysia, and China, the hatchback and station wagon are going to be redesigned in 2021 on an updated version of the vehicle architecture used by the outgoing model.

Our crossover cars are robust, but feature all the elegance Peugeot is renowned for. Through spacious boot and cabin spaces, Multi-Flex interiors, and innovative storage compartments, these crossover cars provide space for the kids, the suitcases and the deck chairs when the holiday season comes around. Home. Created with Sketch. PEUGEOT ROUND THE WORLD.

Peugeot Crossover

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Spied cold-weather testing in Sweden alongside the DS 4, the all-new 308 shows the French automaker’s new signature lighting for the DRLs. The vertical daytime running lights are shared with the 508, 3008, and 5008, which all feature the same platform offering front- or all-wheel-drive options.
Some say that a crossover-like trim level is also going to be offered, which is pretty understandable is you look at the competition. The outgoing Ford Focus and Kia Ceed, for example, are available in Active and XCeed flavors in the Old Continent, where crossovers are getting increasingly popular.
A bit of the taillights and the rear-bumper reflectors can also be seen in this set of pictures, along with two-tone alloy wheels and disc brakes that appear to be designed for regenerative braking. In other words, you can look forward to mild-hybrid assistance as well as a couple of plug-in hybrids.
Marketed as HYbrid and HYbrid4 for all-wheel drive, these PHEVs both feature a 1.6-liter turbo engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. There’s even a performance-oriented version of the HYbrid4 system, which cranks out 360 PS (355 horsepower) and 520 Nm (384 pound-feet) of torque in the 508. Hearsay suggests this powertrain would be suitable for the 308 GTi, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that kind of output in the Three-O-Eight.
The Lion of Sochaux is further rumored to bring the 308 to the United States in 2023, although crossovers like the 3008 and family-sized 5008 are more suitable for this market. Given that U.S. automakers are steering away from passenger cars, Peugeot should be fully aware of the writing on the wall.
On that note, March 2021 is when the French Lion is supposed to reveal the all-new 308 as a 2022 model. Don’t look forward to a Geneva Motor Show debut, though, because the 2021 edition has been unfortunately canceled.
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