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  • Head of Opera GX. Opera GX is the world s first browser designed for gamers. GX initially launched with Razer Chroma RGB integration that allowed Razer Gear to match the colors of the browser. Opera is now stepping it up with dynamic Chroma Lighting Effects that light up gamers Razer gear with custom.
  • (Sponsored) Join Honey Today: today I checked out the Vivaldi web browser and its integration with Razer Chroma dev.
  • I mean the real Razer Chroma which is the popular wave effect with over 16mln colors. Now we can only select one color and sychronize it with Razer stuff but having only one color on the keyboard, mouse is quite boring. Will we be able to set the same effect as on our keyboard, mice in Opera GX?

Razer Synapse

Opera GX is now fully Razer Chroma friendly 2020-12-09 telnews Opera GX is now fully Razer Chroma friendly Despite the fact that the Opera GX browser, which was launched last year, is far from the most popular, nevertheless, in terms of its functionality and capabilities, it is really amazing and impressive.

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Opera Gx Razer Chroma

Apologies if this has already been posted before, search results yielded nothing.

Opera Gx Razer Chroma Download

I have a Razer Blade with a built-in Chroma Keyboard, and when enabling Chroma in Opera GX, it overrides my Synapse Studio settings entirely for as long as the browser is open. This means that as long as Opera GX is running in the background, Synapse ignores my game-specific keyboard lighting settings and desktop lighting settings. This is pretty undesirable, because I have keys set to light in different colors based on the actions in the game (WASD, interaction keys, etc).

I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or not, but I think it would make more sense to have the Opera GX-specific Chroma settings only take effect when the browser is in the foreground, set this behavior as default, and allow the user to decide if to keep that behavior as persistent. Given that Opera GX is designed to run in the background while the user is gaming, it would make sense to have better interoperability with Chroma and Synapse.

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