Opera Gx For Mac

Opera has launched Opera GX, the world’s “first gaming browser” for Mac.

What is Opera GX? Opera GX is a version of the well-known Opera browser, designed to enhance the gaming experience of PC gamers. It provides users with a sophisticated interface that they can customise as per their preference. Apart from a lag-free and smooth gaming experience, Opera GX download lets users limit bandwidth usage, CPU power, and RAM. Opera GX is a freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux operating systems, developed by Opera Software. Opera is a Chromium-based browser using the Blink layout engine. The First Gaming Browser for Windows, Mac OS and Android. Opera GX, for PC or Mac, is the world's first browser designed specifically for gamers. The built-in CPU, network and RAM limiters help preserve resources for your system or gaming platform, and its design has won both the Red Dot and IF Design awards.

Available now in early access mode for both Windows and Mac, Opera says Opera GX includes a personalised user interface, “which allows gamers to adjust the browser to their colour preferences and match their gaming setup”. It also includes a dedicated GX Corner – “a special space with news about games, upcoming game releases, as well as the best deals and discounts from all over the web” – and Twitch integration in the sidebar.

The company states that whilst almost half of gamers experience technical issues while playing games, “Opera GX solves them” as Opera GX “offers a unique set of features that provides solutions to these problems”.

“The set of browser limiters, which includes a Network Bandwidth Limiter, as well as CPU and RAM Limiters, prevents the browser from becoming resource-hungry. What this means in practice is that everyone’s machines are left with more resources for running games,” a press release said.


Lol 10.18. “Opera GX’s set of features is unique and relevant to every person who is serious about games. Ever since the launch of the Windows version during E3 in Los Angeles, we have been receiving many requests from gamers to add Mac support. We are happy to now be bringing the unique GX experience to macOS users,” said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX.

Opera just downloads latest version sometime after it is released (not on the same day), marks O icon with an update is downloaded and I need to restart the browser. But whenever I go to opera://update it just constantly checks for updates, but there is no progress bar or anything, and it never finishes. Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser which, on top of Opera’s great features for privacy, security and efficiency, includes special features designed to complement gaming. Opera GX is available in early access for Windows and Mac. Linux development is in progress.

Though the company’s own research reveals just 14 per cent of those polled played games on their Mac and 82 per cent use Windows machines, the company insists “Mac remains a relevant gaming environment”.

Opera Browser Download Gx

Opera – which is headquartered in Oslo, Norway – describes itself as “a global web innovator” and it’s Opera’s browsers, news products and fintech solutions “are the trusted choice of more than 350 million people worldwide”.

“Opera GX is available in early access mode, which means it is still being shaped based on feedback from users,” a press release said. “You can use the feedback buttons in the browser to provide your feedback about particular features.”

Opera Gx Browser For Mac

Opera Gx For Mac

Opera Gx Mac Cpu Limiter

Opera GX is available now for download on both Mac and Windows at opera.com/gx.

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