Multani Mitti Eating

Avoid eating unhealthy foods. High fat and sugar foods slow down cell turnover. Exercises to get rid of Turkey Neck. The neck is one of those places that is rarely used or exercised. To effectively get rid of the dreaded turkey neck, experts recommend that a combination of different exercises. What are the benefits of eating Multani Mitti? Benefits of Multani MittiMultani Mitti is known to fight acne and pimples.Removes excess sebum and oil.Deep cleanses skin removing dirt, sweat and impurities.Evens out skin tone and brightens complexion.Treats tanning and pigmentation.Effective in treating sunburn, skin rashes and infections (multani mitti is an effective cooling agent)More items. Anil, along with Salma Agha, came up with his pop album titled “Welcome” in 1986, in which he sang all the songs with Salma and music was by Bappi Lahiri.; In 1987, in his film Mr India, he was seen in the same pair of clothes and hat in all the scenes, but Amitabh Bachchan was the first choice for his role. Side Effects Of Eating Multani Mitti: It would help if you did not eat Multani mitti. Your stomach does not digest Multani mitti. This means that you may have severe indigestion problems. The second thing is the second mess. ‘It is a rock with many essential nutrients.

Multani Mitti Eating

I was suffering from blood in my stool from long time until i consulted a doc and he said that i have fissure. I got it cured through ointments and having drinking fibre. However, from last few monts I have started suffering from incomplete evacuation. All the time my stomach is bloated up and I dont feel like eating anything. I have increased my water intake and also have started eating fibre fruits to a great extent but nothing is helping me. Howsoever hard I try, I am not able to evacuate completely. I go to washroom at least 5 times a day but still i feel full all the time. Sometimes I get black stool and sometimes its normal. My stool is not hard at all. I feel uneasy all the time. I stay in tension all the time due to this. Please suggest me a cure to this.

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Hi, Since you have had a fissure, chances of recurrence are high. Constipation is just one of the causes of fissure. There can be other causes, for example, there can be a tear in anal canal, or there may be a foreign body present in body, or it can happen during normal labor. Usually the fissure has bright red blood and not dark coloured blood. Since you have dark, it indicates that blood is coming from above in alimentary tract, which might be due to inflammatory bowel disease, irritabl ..
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Nose Bleeds can be very dramatic and scary.! Doesn’t it.??

Nose bleeding or nose Hemorrhage also medically known as epistaxes is quite a common problem among kids as well as adults. The bleeding generally caused, when the delicate blood vessels inside the nose rupture, due to

  • High humidity
  • Injury
  • High altitude
  • Hard scratching & Picking nose
  • Extreme temperatures etc

Although the problem is not so alarming , but it is necessary to treat it ASAP and make sure that it does not happens again. One can definitely rely on home treatments and remedies to treat nose bleeding as they are quite easy and effective. So below are some of the quick n easy home remedies to treat it:


Ghee or clarified butter made out of cow’s milk is said to be a great remedy to several ailments and specially when it comes to nose bleeds and migraines. All you need to do is :

  • Put 2-4 drops of cow ghee in both your nostrils.
  • Put it twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.
  • Follow it regularly for 7 days to get positive results.
  • It is also a helpful remedy in curing Migraines problem.


Borax powder also known as ‘suhaga’ in ayurveda is another great remedy and work amazingly in curing nose bleeding within a fraction of seconds. All you need to do is:

  • Take 3 gms of borax powder and some water.
  • Mix both of them to make a slight thick paste.
  • Apply this paste immediately on both your nostrils.
  • Putting a gush of cold water on head also works in curing nose bleeds.


Fuller’s earth also popularly called as multani mitti in Ayurveda, is one of the most effective and an age old remedy to cure nose bleeds. All you need to do is :

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Multani mitti eating food
  • Take about 20 gms of fuller’s earth and 250 gm of water.
  • Take an earthen pot and put all the water into it.
  • Take multani mitti, break it in few pieces and soak it in water for overnight.
  • In the morning, decant the water carefully without disturbing the multani miiti at the base.
  • Consume it.! yes consume this water regularly for 2-3 days to see the desired results.
  • Kids should be given in half quantity and can also mix some rock sugar if required.
  • It is great in curing age old problem of nose bleeding and you will the results with few usages only.
  • Along with drinking water, one can also apply the multani mitti paste set at the base on forehead and nose to get more benefits.


Big raisins popularly known as munakka is also great in curing bleeding nose and prevent its recurrence. All you need to do is :

Multani Mitti In English

  • Take 10-12 munakka or big raisins.
  • Soak them in some water for about 12 hours.
  • After 12 hours, deseed them and eat by chewing them well.
  • Consume it daily for 2-4 weeks.
  • it will increases and purifies blood in your body.
  • It works amazingly in those scary nose bleeds.
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