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Although the dynamic content in the Cyotek website is writtenusing Markdown syntax using the MarkdownSharp library, wedecided to use the more commonly used BBCode tags for theforums.

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Dream team minecraft. Welcome to the Dream Team Wiki! Here you can find useful information about the Minecraft Youtube gaming group, the Dream Team, and their SMP server, the Dream SMP! If you want to share your knowledge and passion for the group's content or the SMP, feel free to join us today. This is a community driven site that anyone can edit, including you!

Some of the source code on this site is also preformatted usingthe CSharpFormat library, and we wanted to provide accessto this via forum tags too.

A quick Google search brought up a post by Mike343 whichhad a BBCode parser that more or less worked, but didn't covereverything we wanted.

You can download below an updated version of this parser whichhas been modified to correct some problems with the originalimplementation and add some missing BBCode tags, including a setof custom tags for providing the syntax highlighting offered byCSharpFormat. Using the provided formatter classes you caneasily create additional tags to suit the needs of yourapplication.

To transform a block of BBCode into HTML, call the staticFormat method of the BbCodeProcessor class, for example:

is transformed into

Much of the formatting is also customisable via CSS - several ofthe BBCode tags such as [code], [quote], [list] etc areassigned a class which you can configure in your style sheets.Listed below are the default rules used by the Cyotek site as astarting point for your own:

Markdownsharp Documentation

Finally, if you are using MVC, you may find the following HTMLHelper useful for transforming code from within your views.

If you create any additional formatting codes for use with thislibrary, please let us know via either comments or the ContactUs link, and we'll integrate them into the library for others touse.

  • 2010-03-18 - First published
  • 2020-11-21 - Updated formatting
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A simple to use class library for converting text containing BBCode used by popular forum systems into HTML using C#.


Markdownsharp Editor

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