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In League of Legends Wild Rift Lux is a Mage which commonly played as a Mid-laner or support. Lux does burst magic damage to an enemy champion. In Wild Rift, Lux is considered as an A-tier pick for the mid-lane based on her skills. Lux is an enchanter support champion. She excels at shielding and healing to help out your team and to help keep them alive. She has a pretty strong laning phase you just need to be careful if the enemy bot lane engages onto you because you do not have a lot of health and can die very quickly. The later the game goes the better Lux gets. League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to mobile and console! Team up with friends and test your skills in 5v5 mobile MOBA combat. This also includes teamwork, so don’t forget to help each other out. Here we will discuss about the Champions in the wild rift. With the existence of APC, you have a source of magical damage that you can give your enemies. Usually a champion who is in the mid laner, like Lux, can be a source of magical damage to the team. Lux brightens the lives of many players on League of Legends and there's no reason why it should be any different on LoL: Wild Rift. You can meet this versatile mage on the midlane where she has a lot to offer on her own. But she is more effective on the botlane when she accompanies another champion.

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How to set live wallpaper «Lux Wild Rift League of Legends 4K»?
  1. To install, download and unpack the archive 2296138944.rar;
  2. Move its contents to the program folder, which by default has the following address: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonwallpaper_engineprojectsmyprojects2296138944. But if you are using pirate, the path may be slightly different.
  3. Apply the wallpaper in the program window. To do this, select them in the list and click the blue 'OK' button (learn more).

The archive contains the scene, and therefore animated it is recommended to use wallpapers only with Wallpaper Engine, but you can see others programs for setting live wallpaper.
Some equalizers require one of the additional modules to work correctly: Audio Visualizer, Simplistic Audio Visualizer or Customizable Module Visualizer - set them as normal wallpapers by unpacking them into the program folder. On full screen
+ 2296138944
 - preview.gif
 - project.json
 - scene.pkg
 + shaders
+ blobsSM40
- 0cfcab43d205bd2745b11355da218e2bf9434ed4.dxs
- 1beea8c9a9d98cd7dda89964d564444b9fd27cfa.dxs
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Usually mages who have high burst damage are placed in the mid, so they can clear the lane quickly and roam. Therefore, the mid laner must not play passively and be in the mid lane for a long time. Because, this will make it difficult for you later. Here we will discuss about the champions in the wild rift.

Lux is a champion who has complete skills such as damage, cc to shield. He can be a support or mid laner because he has high damage skills. Using skills depending on the situation, made him a reliable champion. However, if you want to use it as a mid laner, of course you are not using a build item for support.

When you use lux in the mid lane, of course you use full AP items or power abilities. His attack using skills is very high, and the damage is scaling from the many power abilities he has. So, the higher the ability power it has, the more damage it can deal as a champion mage.

The build item used by Lux as a mid laner, mostly power ability items. Here’s a list of the items :

  1. Luden’s Echo
  2. Glutonnous Greaves
  3. Awakaned Soulstealer
  4. Morellonomicon
  5. Rabadon’s Deathcap
  6. Void Staff
  7. Stasis Enchant

Here we will provide tips regarding the Item Build and Rune Lux Mid in the Wild Rift, which you can try. If you want to try using lux in the mid laner, you can try using this existing build item.

Full AP Build Item

The build items used by Lux are usually full ap. So by increasing the AP it has, lux can inflict even greater damage on the enemy. Not only that, there are several items that can increase the damage when attacking enemies, so the passive can be used well. Here we have a recommendation for build items that you can use, when you use lux.

Luden’s Echo

This item will provide lux ability power that is high enough to inflict damage on enemies with the skills it has. Not only that, he will also get an additional maximum mana so that he can use his skills safely without fear of running out of mana. This item also provides a cooldown reduction so you can use skills faster.

What is important about this item is the skill effect this item has. You will damage the area to 3 enemies around the enemy that you attack with your skills. So, you can use this to attack multiple champions or creeps at once.

Glutonnous Greaves

This shoe will be very suitable for adding Lux blood when he attacks the enemy. Lux will get an additional magical vamp when using this one shoe. By using the vamp from this shoe, lux will be easier to fill his blood.

Awakened Soulstealer

This item will give you the ability power and which one to use, as well as a cooldown reduction. So you can use skills faster. As you know, Lux is a champion who relies on skills to provide burst damage to enemies.

Lux Wild Rift Reddit

You will also get an additional cooldown reduction when you get a kill of 3%. You will get cd reduction for ultimate as many different champions as you beat. So, it’s good that you beat the different champions.


This item has a high enough power ability and max health that you can use. However, there is a special effect of this item that makes it very suitable for Lux use. You will get penetration magic, so you attack enemies who use armor with greater damage. Not only that, Enemies affected by damage skills will get the Grievous Wounds effect.

Grievous Wounds will reduce the heal received by the enemy. So if the enemy uses or has strong and annoying healing, you can use this item to make the heal they receive less.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Items that will give you very high additional power abilities. Being one of the best mage items when used in the mid or late game, because it has an effect that is suitable for use. The total ability power you have will be increased by 40%.

League lux guide

Void Staff

Items that will provide additional ability power for lux and penetrating magic effects to attack enemies with high armor. Usually in late games, many champions use armor items to withstand enemy attacks. With this item, you can penetrate enemy defenses easily.

Static Enchantment

Lux Wild Rift Cinematic

This one item can help you avoid enemy attacks in certain circumstances. You can’t take any damage, but you also can’t move for some time. So, you have to use it at the right time.

Lux Cooldown Build

Those are the tips regarding Item Build and Rune Lux Mid in Wild Rift, which you can try. Wps spreadsheet excel download. By using the right items, you can attack enemies more easily. Of course, you have to pay attention to how to play in order to use the items properly.

Lux Wild Rift Cinematic

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