Kof Memorial Special Edition 2012

  1. Kof Memorial Special Edition 2012 Free Download
  2. Yukino Ozawa
  3. King Of Fighters Memorial Special Edition 2012 Free Download
  4. This Is Cool..but Are You Gonna Post The Screenpacks With No Characters As Well?

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Kof Memorial Special Edition 2012 Free Download

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Yukino Ozawa

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King Of Fighters Memorial Special Edition 2012 Free Download

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This Is Cool..but Are You Gonna Post The Screenpacks With No Characters As Well?

  • baronzero


    Offical description
    The King of Fighters Memorial is a fan-game based on the popular King of Fighters series produced by SNK Playmore. It was created on the freeware 2D fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N by Zelgadis with some assistance from others. A demo version of the game was initially released in 2007 along with various trailers posted on Youtube, with the official full version being released in 2008. It has since then been updated numerous times for bug-fixes and new additions to the game.
    My opinion :P
    King of Fighters Memorial: Special Edition 2012 is a free fan made 2D fighting game based on The King Of Fighters series. Basically its just dumping king of fighters,fan made and some other characters from other games into this game. You bros should try it out especially fighting games are your thing. The MUGEN game engine is quite smooth compared to the early arcade versions of the offical King Of Fighters series. Playing this game Co-Op is limited to your keyboard unless you can share screen and keyboard with someone else without lag .
    Movement keys wasd/up,down,left,right arrow keys
    Fast Light kick: j/1
    Slow Strong kick: k/2
    Counter attack:l/3
    Fast Light punch: u/4
    Slow Strong punch:i/5
    Evasive roll: o/6
    Player 2's controls are on the numpad

    Game modes
    Team play: Play the story mode.
    Team challedge: Fight against a friend
    Team Co-Op: Story mode with a friend
    Endless play: Fight a endless number of opponents. How long can you last?
    Endless Co-Op: Endless play with a friend
    Practice: Practice your moves and combos without the opponent fighting back. (You can control the dummy player with player 2's controls)
    Watch: Watch the computer players fight each other with the characters and background of your choice.

    Game difficulty, life, time limit, game speed, volume, controls can be adjusted in options

    Blocking completely blocks normal attacks and greatly reduce the damage taken from special and desperation moves.
    Blocking is done by moving backwards of your character

    Command attack (Throws)
    Command attacks are done by holding the movement key towards the opponent and pressing strong punch or strong kick button when near. A successful command attack will result in you throwing the opponent. If your opponent catches you with a command attack, you have a split second to press a button to cancel the throw or enjoy the ride.

    Power Gauge
    Your power gauge is displayed under your health bar. Hitting the opponent,blocking attacks and doing special moves charge up the power guage. Charge up to a certain extend and it will be considered as one stock.The number of stocks you have will be shown as a number. Doing a desperation move, evasive roll/counter attack while blocking will use up the stocks. Normal characters can hold up to 3 stocks, boss characters can have up to 5 stocks.

    Some characters have strikers. Strikers are characters that can be called in to perform a single special move. Strikers can be knocked out of the stage before they attack, making them act as 'shields' for the character who posses them. I think strikers are activated by certain button combinations not used by anything else.

    Evasive roll and counter attack
    During an evasive roll or counter attack, the player is invulnerable to attacks. Doing a evasive roll/counter attack when blocking a enemy attack will cost one stock and the counter attack won't damage the opponent. Pressing light punch and light kick will also result in doing an evasive roll and pressing strong punch and strong kick together does a counter attack.

    Special moves and desperation moves
    Special moves are the player's own unique moves which deal some damage and can be used as many times as the player wants
    Desperation moves are strong moves that are either unique or simply upgraded versions of certain special moves. Doing a desperation move will freeze the game for half a second and a flash of light will appear on your character before actually doing it.
    Desperation moves consume one stock, super desperation moves which are more powerful than desperation moves will consume at least 2 stocks. Give special/desperation moves a name to make them easier to talk about to others. As for how to do a special/desperation move, just seach for 'king of fighters move list'. All moves are done in similar way so some trial and error should result in performing a special move or desperation move

    Super cancel and Dream cancel
    A Super Cancer is done by doing a desperation move during a special move.
    A Dream Cancer is done by doing a super desperation move during a desperation move. Special move> super cancel> dream cancel combination is deadly

    Heres 2 gameplay videos on the original version of king of fighters memorial. Showing everything that can be done in-game except for strikers and dream cancel.
    • Some bosses and characters are slightly or not affected by difficulty changes.
    • Some characters are capable of long or infinite combos. Don't get caught.
    • In story mode, you have to fight a series of random characters before fighting a fixed order of bosses.

    Good Luck.
    Download links and instructions.(According to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_yAJBws_io)
    For USA Users:
    If it asks for the password, the password is 'GamersLDM'
    NOTE: Download both files (click SLOW for free) and then use WinRar to extract the part 1 and you will get the whole game (part 2 will extract automatically)

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