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Image Courtesy of LoL Esports. When looking at Jensen’s champion pool it is clear like the other two that he prefers control mages to possibly the highest degree of the three. That said he has more time on assassins like Akali and Ekko which shows that when he needs to be aggressive he can be. TLAlphari, Santorin, Armao, Jensen, Tactical, CoreJJ, Jatt, Kold2021-03-143 LCS 2021 SpringTLAlphari, Santorin, Jensen, Tactical, CoreJJ, Jatt, Kold2021-01-311 LCS. Legoman (Tobias Jensen) LoL. Information, recent matches, teams, heroes and statistics. Fangasm goes to all the SPN conventions in the U.S., except for the Giving Back Tour conventions headlined by Misha (lol that should tell you something). Lynn used to publish reports on Jensen’s M&Gs and ungrateful Austrialian rich fans complained that she’s ruining the specialness of M&G experiences only available to the few, so Creation.

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