Instant Replay Software

Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
Windows, Linux
Instant Replay OBS Studio

In-Game Replay, Instant Gif, Scene Settings and Show Media Player are new features introduced with Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition (18.12.2). Microphone The Microphone can be toggled on/off. Instant Replay for Windows 10. Record HD video and play back in slow motion instantly. Dead easy and fast. INSTANT Replay is a simple and no-nonsense tool for recording short videos and instantly replay them in slow motion. The first instant replay software on the Mac. For video production or as an adjudication system for referees; While recording, immediately playback an action that just happened; Select the camera for output via SDI and playback at variable speed; Playlist editor to assemble the highlights of your recording.

This plugin is designed to provide the ability to add Instant Replays into a live stream.
  1. 360 Systems is a manufacturer of professional broadcast video servers and audio record and playout equipment. We design, manufacture, and sell High Definition and Standard Definition digital video servers, time delay servers, commercial playback and digital audio cart machines to the broadcast and pro-A/V community.
  2. Instant GIF video files are stored in your Media saved location folder. In-Game Replay Provides an immediate view of a short clip of recorded Instant Replay video, overlaid on the in-game screen, without having to interrupt gameplay. When enabled, you can adjust the length of the in-game replay from 1 to second seconds, using the In-Game Replay.

It's effectively a combination of the 'Automatic Scene Switching' and 'Per Scene Volume' (from OBS Classic) plugins to allow instant replays in live streams.
It's designed to work along side a Stinger Transition, but it will function with cuts or fades or what have you.

Instant Replay Audio Software

An example:

Settings (Tools -> Instant Replay Settings):

Fill out the settings as desired.
  • Enable - Enables/disable the plugins
  • Write Pause (s) - Pause to allow OBS to write the replay file. OBS can't instantly write a file. ~10 seconds should be okay. Find something that works for you
  • Transition Pause (ms) - Length of the transition in milliseconds. If the stinger is at 30fps, multiply the number of frames by 33. If the stinger is at 60fps, multiply the number of frames by 16.
  • Replay Length (s) - Length of the replay in seconds. OBS does not always write as much replay as you tell it to so this may need to be a second or two shorter than the buffer length.
  • Replay Scene - Scene to switch to that has the replay source.
  • Mute Desktop Audio - Mute the Desktop Audio channels when replay is playing.
  • Mute Mic/Aux - Mute the Mic/Aux channels when replay is playing
Hotkey (Settings -> Hotkeys):
Find the 'Instant Replay' hotkey (highlighted above in red). Set it TO THE SAME KEY as you have 'Save Replay' (highlighted in orange).

Instant Replay Software For Pc

Setting up the replay source:
Set your Recording to a constant name (so remove all the % stuff). Makes it easy to point your replay source to a file that will exist. Point your Media Source to what your replay will be saved as.

Windows is built and working for both 32bit and 64bit
Drag and drop obs-studio folder into C:Program Files
(or wher ever you have obs-studio installed)
Instant Replay SoftwareMerge all files down and you should be good to go.
OBS (duh)
Qt5 dev
Clone the git repo:
cd to where you downloaded the source
Check the environment PATHS in Makefile
- Make sure they match your OBS and Qt5 installations and fix if necessary.
Replay (OBS_API_INCLUDE will not need updating as the files are in the git repo)
Then run:
Uh, sould work. Probably. Maybe. Don't have a MAC to test with.
You can try the LINUX instructions.
Let me know if you get it to work!
As ever, if you want to see how bad my coding is, source code is available on GitHub
  • Ethernet networking for file transfer and backup
  • 16 / 24-bit, 44.1K / 48K recording formats
  • Balanced audio at +4, plus RCA jacks at -10 on
  • Precise editing of heads, tails, fades and levels
  • Large illuminated buttons for easy hands-on operation
  • Displays cut names, ID numbers, and length
  • Store multiple playlists of any size

Instant Creativity

Pack it up for the road, or install it in the studio or control room. Instant Replay is designed for creative people who need quick response, intuitive operation, and top-quality audio. It’s a completely self-contained production studio and spot player in a box. And, unlike PCs, Instant Replay has the immediacy of real buttons.

Intuitive operation

Straightforward controls make operation completely transparent. Instant Replay records better-than-CD-quality audio directly to hard disk, edits it, and then provides playback from 50 hot-keys. Play your cuts instantly, in any order, as many times as needed. When audio elements are needed in a special sequence, Instant Replay lets you build playlists, and store them for future use.

Storage To Spare

Instant Replay Software

Instant Replay stores 24 hours of stereo on its large internal hard disk. There’s never a restriction on cut length – record anything from a short sound effect to full-length musical performances. Instant Replay always delivers premium audio quality, with zero delay.

Powerful editing tools do head and tail trims, fade-ins, fade-outs, and even gain changes. Now it’s easy to extract sound effects from a bed, or make loops of music and ambient effects.

Find Audio Clips Fast

Instant Replay 2 arranges audio in 10 banks of 50 cuts each, so related sound effects or music cues can be stored together. The built-in keyboard makes it easy to give each cut a name and unique ID number.

Now With Networking

Instant Replay Software Free

Now, Instant Replay includes a 100 MB Ethernet port for transferring files to and from a PC. Quickly back up your entire audio library, or transfer audio to a PC for editing – it’s as easy as point & click.

The Original

360 Systems’ new Instant Replay2 is perfect for radio, television, audio/visual, or live events – any application where quality music or effects play from your own audio library. Instant Replay – the original hot-keys audio player.

  • Ethernet networking for file transfer and backup
  • 16 / 24-bit, 44.1K / 48K recording formats
  • Balanced audio at +4, plus RCA jacks at -10 on
  • Precise editing of heads, tails, fades and levels
  • Large illuminated buttons for easy hands-on operation
  • Displays cut names, ID numbers, and length
  • Store multiple playlists of any size

AUDIO PERFORMANCESony receiver str-dh550 user 27s manual download.

Audio Format16/24-bit stereo, 48k or 44.1 k linear PCM
Input Sample Frequencies24k to 56k samples/second, converted to 44.1 k or 48k via sample rate converter
Analog InputsBalanced, XLR-3F connectors; Zin = 15K-ohm Unbalanced RCA connectors; Zin = 10K-ohm
Maximum Input Level+27dBu balanced
Input CMRR>80 [email protected]
Analog OutputsBalanced, XLR-3 connectors, +4dBu Unbalanced RCA connectors, -10dBV
Maximum Output Level+24dBu balanced
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz ± 0.5dB
Dynamic Range> 90dB
THD+N (@ 48k linear)< 0.005%
Digital I/OAES/EBU data on XLR-3 connectors AES3-1D data on RCA jacks IEC-958 type II (semi-pro) on RCA jacks


Total Recording Time> 250 hours @ 44.1 k, 16-bit
Recording Medium3.5″ internal hard disk
Maximum Number Of Cuts1,000
Maximum Cut LengthEqual to remaining time on disk
File Import/ExportWAV Files
File BackupFTP via 100 Mb Ethernet port
Audio Level MeteringLED bar graph display, 2-channel, peak-reading
Display2 line x 20 character, vacuum fluorescent
Panel ButtonsIlluminated, silent action


HeadphonesStereo 1/4″ (6.35mm) jack, with level control
Power Requirements95 to 240 volts, 50/60Hz, 25 watts
Dimensions5″ x 15″ x 9″ (127mm x 381mm x 229mm)
Weight9.5 Ibs. (4.3kg) net
Agency ApprovalsUL, C-UL, FCC Class A, CE, RoHS
Country of OriginUSA

Instant Replay Software For Low End Pc

Specifications subject to change without notice. 360 Systems Instant Replay and 360 Systems are registered trademarks of 360 Systems in the US and other countries. © 2014 by 360 Systems.

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