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Логотип ImageMagick
ТипImage manipulation
РозробникOpen source community
Стабільний випуск7.0.10-51 (18 грудня2020; 3 місяці тому)
Версії7.0.11-8 ()-1'>[1]
Операційна системаБагатоплатформна
Мова програмуванняC[]_—_2006.
ЛіцензіяImageMagick Licensed-3'>[3]
ImageMagick у Вікісховищі

Source and binary distributions are available for download. Imagick::getVersion — Returns the ImageMagick API version Imagick::haldClutImage — Replaces colors in the image Imagick::hasNextImage — Checks if the object has more images. Books has the world’s largest selection of new and used titles to suit any reader's tastes. Find best-selling books, new releases, and classics in every category, from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird to the latest by Stephen King or the next installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid children’s book series. Whatever you are looking for: popular fiction, cookbooks, mystery.

ImageMagick — вільний багатоплатформовий пакет програм для неінтерактивної (пакетної) обробки графічних файлів. Підтримує безліч графічних форматів, випущений під ліцензією GPL. Може використовуватися з мовами Perl, C, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, у скриптах командної оболонки або самостійно.

Формати що підтримуються[ред.ред. код]

Читання-запис[ред.ред. код]

  • 8BIM (Adobe Photoshop resource format)
  • APP1 (Photoshop resource format)
  • AVS (AVS X image)
  • BIE (Joint Bi-level Image experts Group interchange format)
  • BMP (Microsoft Windows bitmap image)
  • CMYK (Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black samples (8 or 16 bits, depending on the image depth))
  • CMYKA (Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and matte samples (8 or 16 bits, depending on the image depth))
  • DCX (ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush)
  • DIB (Microsoft Windows bitmap image)
  • DOC (Word Documents)
  • EPDF (Encapsulated Portable Document Format)
  • EPI (AdobeEncapsulated PostScript Interchange format)
  • EPS (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript)
  • EPSF (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript)
  • EPSI (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format)
  • EPT (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript with TIFF preview)
  • FAX (Group 3 FAX)
  • FITS (Flexible Image Transport System)
  • FPX (FlashPix Format)
  • G3 (Group 3 FAX)
  • GIF (CompuServe graphics interchange format)
  • GIF87 (CompuServe graphics interchange format (version 87a))
  • GRAY (Raw gray samples (8 or 16 bits, depending on the image depth))
  • H (Internal format)
  • ICB (Truevision Targa image)
  • ICM (ICC Color Profile)
  • IPTC (IPTC Newsphoto)
  • JBG (Joint Bi-level Image experts Group interchange format)
  • JBIG (Joint Bi-level Image experts Group interchange format)
  • JP2 (JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax)
  • JPC (JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax)
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format)
  • JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format)
  • LOGO (ImageMagick Logo)
  • M2V (MPEG-2 Video Stream)
  • MAP (Colormap intensities (8 or 16 bits, depending on the image depth) and indices (8 or 16 bits, depending n whether colors exceeds 256).)
  • MIFF (Magick Image File Format)
  • MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics)
  • MONO (Bi-level bitmap in least-significant- -byte-first order)
  • MPEG (MPEG-1 Video Stream)
  • MPG (MPEG-1 Video Stream)
  • MTV (MTV Raytracing image format)
  • MVG (Magick Vector Graphics)
  • OTB (On-the-air bitmap)
  • P7 (Xv thumbnail format)
  • PAL (16bit/pixel interleaved YUV)
  • PALM (Palm Pixmap format)
  • PBM (Portable bitmap format (black and white))
  • PCD (Photo CD)
  • PCDS (Photo CD)
  • PCT (Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT)
  • PCX (ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • PGM (Portable graymap format (gray scale))
  • PICON (Personal Icon)
  • PICT (Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT)
  • PM (X Window system pixmap (color))
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • PNM (Portable anymap)
  • PPM (Portable pixmap format (color))
  • PS (Adobe PostScript)
  • PSD (Adobe Photoshop bitmap)
  • PTIF (Pyramid encoded TIFF)
  • RAS (SUN Rasterfile)
  • RGB (Raw red, green, and blue samples (8 or 16 bits, depending on the image depth))
  • RGBA (Raw red, green, blue, and matte samples (8 or 16 bits, depending on the image depth))
  • ROSE (70x46 TrueColor test image)
  • SGI (Irix RGB image)
  • SUN (SUN Rasterfile)
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • TEXT( Raw text)
  • TGA (Truevision TGA image)
  • TIF (Tagged Image File Format)
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
  • TXT (Raw text)
  • UYVY (16bit/pixel interleaved YUV)
  • VDA (Truevision Targa image)
  • VICAR (VICAR rasterfile format)
  • VID (Visual Image Directory)
  • VIFF (Khoros Visualization image)
  • VST (Truevision Targa image)
  • WBMP (Wireless Bitmap (level 0) image)
  • X (X Image)
  • XBM (X Window system bitmap (black and white))
  • XPM (X Window system pixmap (color))
  • XV (Khoros Visualization image)
  • XWD (X Window system window dump (color))
  • YUV (CCIR 601 4:1:1)

Тільки читання[ред.ред. код]

  • AFM (Adobefont metrics)
  • ART (PF1: 1st Publisher)
  • AVI (Audio/Visual Interleaved)
  • CUT (DR Halo)
  • DCM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image)
  • DPS (Display PostScript)
  • DPX (Digital Moving Picture Exchange)
  • FILE (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • FTP (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • GRADIENT (Gradual passing from one shade to another)
  • GRANITE (Granite texture)
  • HTTP (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • ICO (Microsoft icon)
  • ICON (Microsoft icon IMPLICIT)
  • LABEL (Text image format)
  • MPR (Magick Persistent Registry)
  • MSL (Magick Scripting Language)
  • NETSCAPE (Netscape 216 color cube)
  • NULL (Constant image of uniform color)
  • PDB (Pilot Image Format)
  • PFA (Adobe Type 1 font file)
  • PFB (Adobe Type 1 font file)
  • PFM (Adobe Type 1 font file)
  • PIX (Alias/Wavefront RLE image format)
  • PLASMA (Plasma fractal image)
  • PWP (Seattle Film Works)
  • RLA (Alias/Wavefront image)
  • RLE (Utah Run length encoded image)
  • SCT (Scitex HandShake)
  • SFW (Seattle Film Works)
  • STEGANO (Steganographic image)
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • TILE (Tile image with a texture)
  • TTF (TrueType font)
  • WMF (Windows Metafile)
  • WPG (WordPerfect Graphics)
  • XC (Constant image uniform color)
  • XCF (GIMP image)

Див. також[ред.ред. код]

  • Графічна бібліотека GD[en]
  • Netpbm[en]

Посилання[ред.ред. код]

  • — сторінка проекту;
  1. _1-0'>↑Release 7.0.11-8
  2. []_—_2006.
    _2-0'>↑The imagemagick Open Source Project on Open Hub: Languages Page — 2006.
  3. _3-0'>↑License
Отримано з

Use ImageMagick® to create, edit, compose, or convert digital images. It can read and write images in a variety of formats (over 200) including PNG, JPEG, GIF, WebP, HEIC, SVG, PDF, DPX, EXR and TIFF. ImageMagick can resize, flip, mirror, rotate, distort, shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply various special effects, or draw text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves.

ImageMagick is free software delivered as a ready-to-run binary distribution or as source code that you may use, copy, modify, and distribute in both open and proprietary applications. It is distributed under a derived Apache 2.0 license.

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Imagemagick For Windows

ImageMagick utilizes multiple computational threads to increase performance and can read, process, or write mega-, giga-, or tera-pixel image sizes.

The current release is ImageMagick 6.9.12-8. It runs on Linux, Windows, Mac Os X, iOS, Android OS, and others.

The authoritative ImageMagick version 6 web site is The authoritative source code repository is Find the latest release of ImageMagick, version 7, at

Imagemagick Resize

The design of ImageMagick is an evolutionary process, with the design and implementation efforts serving to influence and guide further progress in the other. With ImageMagick version 7, we aim to improve the design based on lessons learned from the version 6 implementation.

Features and Capabilities

Imagemagick Command Line

Here are just a few examples of what ImageMagick can do for you:

Animationcreate a GIF animation sequence from a group of images.
Color managementaccurate color management with color profiles or in lieu of-- built-in gamma compression or expansion as demanded by the colorspace.
Command-line processingutilize ImageMagick from the command-line.
Complex text layoutbidirectional text support and shaping.
Compositeoverlap one image over another.
Connected component labelinguniquely label connected regions in an image.
Decorateadd a border or frame to an image.
Delineate image featuresCanny edge detection, Hough lines.
Discrete Fourier transformimplements the forward and inverse DFT.
Distributed pixel cacheoffload intermediate pixel storage to one or more remote servers.
Drawadd shapes or text to an image.
Encipher or decipher an imageconvert ordinary images into unintelligible gibberish and back again.
Format conversionconvert an image from one format to another (e.g. PNG to JPEG).
Generalized pixel distortioncorrect for, or induce image distortions including perspective.
Heterogeneous distributed processingcertain algorithms are OpenCL-enabled to take advantage of speed-ups offered by executing in concert across heterogeneous platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs, and other processors.
High dynamic-range imagesaccurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from the brightest direct sunlight to the deepest darkest shadows.
Image calculatorapply a mathematical expression to an image, image sequence, or image channels.
Image gradientscreate a gradual blend of two colors whose shape is horizontal, vertical, circular, or elliptical.
Image identificationdescribe the format and attributes of an image.
ImageMagick on the iPhoneconvert, edit, or compose images on your iOS device such as the iPhone or iPad.
Large image supportread, process, or write mega-, giga-, or tera-pixel image sizes.
Montagejuxtapose image thumbnails on an image canvas.
Morphology of shapesextract features, describe shapes, and recognize patterns in images.
Motion picture supportread and write the common image formats used in digital film work.
Noise and color reductionKuwahara Filter, mean-shift.
Perceptual hashmap visually identical images to the same or similar hash-- useful in image retrieval, authentication, indexing, or copy detection as well as digital watermarking.
Special effectsblur, sharpen, threshold, or tint an image.
Text & commentsinsert descriptive or artistic text in an image.
Threads of execution supportImageMagick is thread safe and most internal algorithms execute in parallel to take advantage of speed-ups offered by multicore processor chips.
Transformresize, rotate, deskew, crop, flip or trim an image.
Transparencyrender portions of an image invisible.
Virtual pixel supportconvenient access to pixels outside the image boundaries.

Imagemagick Joomla

Examples of ImageMagick Usage shows how to use ImageMagick from the command-line to accomplish any of these tasks and much more. Also, see Fred's ImageMagick Scripts: a plethora of command-line scripts that perform geometric transforms, blurs, sharpens, edging, noise removal, and color manipulations. With Magick.NET, use ImageMagick without having to install ImageMagick on your server or desktop. Finally, see Snibgo's ImageMagick Cookbook for Windows-based ImageMagick scripting.

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