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Integrate your services with Google Chat

Integrate any tool, service, or resource into Google Chat (formerly Hangouts Chat) to help your teams—or anyone—work together more effectively.

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Create helpful bots

You can create bots that bring your services and resources right into Google Chat, letting users get information, take quick action, and stay notified without leaving the conversation.

Streamline custom workflows

Using Apps Script is the simplest way to create a custom bot without worrying about servers. It also lets you access Google Workspace resources without needing additional authentication.
  1. There is any website for Google Chat Rooms? Information on how to live chat with people through using Google Plus and Hangouts products and usage of forums.
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Google recently switched on the tubes behind Google Video Chat. Mark Robertson and I had a chance to test it out and here are my thoughts on it. Official Google Chat Help Center where you can find tips and tutorials on using Google Chat and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Provide quick notifications

Google Chat Markdown
Incoming webhooks let you define one-off bots that just inject messages into a room. This is the path for low-effort integrations that provide information feeds or alerts for prototypes and ad hoc projects.

Developing bots for Google Chat

Completed our Quickstart and ready for the next step? In this video, learn more about the bot framework and see a sample bot (Python & JavaScript) featuring interactive cards. Once you've got this working, move on to our self-paced codelab to build a bot that interacts with Gmail & Google Calendar. (10:38)

Asynchronous messages in Google Chat

Alerts & notifications are out-of-band messages that you may need delivered to a space (chat room or DM). Learn how your bot can post messages asynchronously using the Google Chat API so you can notify users that a long-running job they requested has completed. What if you have a non-bot monitoring tool that also needs to post chat messages, say to alert the crew if a server goes down? That's what incoming webhooks are for. Check out the video to learn more about both use cases! (7:02)


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Transform the way you work with Google Chat bots

This is a longer-form video of our Google I/O 2018 session providing a more complete overview of the Google Chat service and bot framework. The talk describes various use cases and features a wide variety of demos and sample bots along with code previews. (40:15)

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