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  • Open the Chrome Web Store and search for Citrix Workspace to download and install the app to your Chromebook. NOTE: Use the Citrix Workspace App to access AppsToGo, NOT your web browser. MacOS or iOS Devices Open Self Service, click on and install Citrix Workspace.
  • Citrix Workspace app for Chrome OS now lets you enjoy the following features of Microsoft Teams within virtual desktops and within the Microsoft Teams virtual app. Optimized audio calls; Optimized video calls; Optimized screen sharing; Note: Screen sharing currently allows sharing of the entire screen including that outside of your Citrix.

The Citrix Workspace app runs the Virtual Applications & Desktops and must be installed on your computer for them to work. Open up your internet browser of choose (we suggest Google Chrome).


Apps and Desktops 1912 LTSR
Workspace app for Chrome OS
Lenovo Chromebook

Is citrix workspace compatible with chromebook

I'm having real problems getting any form of Audio/Mic/Webcam redirection going when connected to a Win 10 VDI workstation and/or 2016 Published desktop from Chromebooks only. MS Teams, Skype for Business nothing seems to see any form of Webcam or audio device. We have a Hybrid client environment with Windows and Mac clinets and don't see this issue. Is there something i'm missing in regards to this functionality from Chrome OS clients anyone can think of ? I've played around a fair bit and can't get a bite, not sure where to start.

Citrix Workspace For Chrome


Install Citrix On Chromebook


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