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Conveniently flush memory and force the clear timer resolution to reset so that you can improve the FPS in video games via this tool

What's new in Memory Cleaner 1.6.7:

Memory Cleaner is an amazing RAM cleaner software for Windows. It not only lets you boost RAM manually, but you can also set certain parameters to execute RAM cleaning automatically. It is very simple to use. You get two options to clean RAM: Trim Process and Clear System Cache. CCleaner Android latest 5.5.0 APK Download and Install. Free up space and speed up your phone with the best cleaner app for Android.

  • Removed the 'Memory Cleaner.dll missing' prompt
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Memory Cleaner is a small utility designed to help you flush memory and clear timer resolution, actions that are generally believed to improve the FPS. The tool can be especially useful if you are playing first-person shooters, as improving the FPS can make a world of difference.

Allows you to clear memory using a preferred hotkey

The application is portable, so you do not have to bother with setup and configuration, but rather simply decompress in the desired location on your drives. The program comes with a rather small interface that displays the current timer resolution along with its maximum and minimum values. As you probably hinted, toggle the Start and Stop button to force the time resolution.

Ccleaner Memory Cleaner Phone Booster Optimizer Apk

You can configure a hotkey for the refresh so you do not have to find the window every time from the Settings window. At the same time, you can specify if you prefer the enable clearing of the standby list and working set, set a desired timer resolution as well as a timer polling interval.

A straightforward tool for resetting the timer resolution

Whether this app can help you make the most out of the processor's update or refresh rates depends greatly on your operating system. For instance, Windows 7 and newer operating systems should have a timer resolution set at 1 millisecond and can be changed to less.

Ccleaner Memory Cleaner Phone Booster

However, many users point out that the action alone does not really give you too much of a boost, maybe 1 ping or 1 FPS higher. The same cannot be said about Windows XP where the default timer resolution is at 15 milliseconds, so the boost in this case may be noticeable.


In the eventuality that you are playing first-person shooters on a regular basis and feel like your processor can help you make the most of your game time, then perhaps you can consider giving Memory Cleaner a try.

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Memory Cleaner 1.6.7

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Ccleaner Memory Cleaner Phone Booster Optimizer

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