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BMW Lifetime Fill?

BMW has been telling vehicle owners for quite some time now that their transmission is “lifetime fill” and does not ever need to be changed. This is purely marketing hype. Essentially, lifetime is the lifetime of the transmission. When it fails, that was its lifetime.

To their credit, the reason they are able to make such claims is due largely in part to the extremely high quality and durability of the fluid used in these newer transmissions. If you have a newer BMW, you most likely will have a ZF sourced automatic transmission using synthetic Lifegard 5 or 6 fluid.

In my opinion and experience, it is a good idea to do a full transmission service at least every 80,000-100,000 miles. Transmissions of past eras were more in the range of 30,000-50,000 miles between fluid changes.

These automatic transmissions from ZF / BMW are not your run of the mill slushboxes. They are sealed units, and you will not be able to check the fluid with a dipstick. They require specialized skill and knowledge to service, and I don’t recommend going to the cheap fluid flush places, you will be asking for trouble. Even if they get the fluid type correct, they still haven’t replaced the filter. Even to fill to the correct level is complicated, and has to be done with the engine running and fluid measured to correct temperature.

I rarely ever do a simple drain and fill. For the ZF 6hp26 series transmissions found on many models, as well as the new ZF 8 speed, the filter is integrated into the pan, so you will have to replace the entire pan. The fluid is also not cheap, but worth it to insure proper operation and longevity. In addition, these units are known for oil leaks, so I always replace the motronics connector sleeve as well as the internal valve body main pressure seal. In fact, I have actually saved several 6 and 7 series BMW owners who thought they needed a whole new transmission by simply servicing these common problem seals. Although more expensive, doing all these at once every time you service your transmission really is the best bet. Your transmission will thank you, and so will your wallet.

If you are in need of a trasnmsision fluid/flush service, I can definately get you sorted. I use OE grade fluid and all original parts from the manufacturer for the filter/pan and seals. Click here for BMW Repair in San Diego.

If you need a transmission rebuild, I may or may not be able to accomodate you. As a mobile technician, doing a full rebuild on a BMW transmission is not the easiest thing to do. However, there are some cases where a transmission might seem like it needs a full rebuild, but can actually be fixed with a partial rebuild. The 5 speed ZF 5hp24 transmission used on v8 engines of the early 2000’s and late 90’s is a good example. Often the front drum cracks in half around the snap ring groove. In that case I can order a new updated front clutch drum and repair the transmission without completely disassembling it. Ends up being a fraction of the price of a full rebuild.

If you have a manual Getrag 6 speed, I do service those as well. I also do clutch replacement on the manual transmissions. And if you do have the 6 speed, I can modify the clutch hydraulic circuit to remove the clutch delay valve, which will result in a much more responsive clutch pedal and greater control.

If you have an SMG transmission, I can still service it, but I don’t do a lot of them. So if it has a major problem and you bring it in to me here in San Diego, after I look at it if I am not 100% on the diagnosis I might send you somewhere else to get a second opinion before replacing anything. SMG parts and repairs are VERY expensive. One service I CAN provide for SMG owners is flash programming Euro SMG transmission software into your transmission control module. This upgrade transforms the SMG. Significantly improved shift quality and the ability to do launch control at 4k rpm with automatic upshifting at the redline.

Are you having problems with your BMW transmission? The transmission is the most essential system in your car. An automatic transmission is responsible for shifting gears. This process is very efficient and is crucial because it allows the car to move forward. Transmissions are very complex so when they fail, it can be difficult to detect where the issue is coming from. They also are very expensive to fix because there are so many different working parts.

If you have a failing transmission, you will need to get it fixed as soon as possible. You are probably wondering what your BMW transmission repair cost will be? Along with the price you might also be wondering how long will I not have a car? Since the transmission is essential to the function of the car, it can be a pretty expensive repair. If you need to repair your BMW transmission, you should plan on spending anywhere from $1,800 to $5,000.

BMW Steptronic Transmissions

Have you ever had trouble deciding whether you want to purchase an automatic car or a manual vehicle? If you are passionate about the performance of your car, you understand that it is difficult to choose since they both have something to offer. While a manual gearbox offers more control at times, an automatic transmission gives you the flexibility of letting your car decide when to shift gears.

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BMW’s Steptronic automatic transmission gives you the best of both worlds. The gearbox offers a manual-shifting experience when you want and then a multi-drive mode for automatic when necessary. BMW first introduced this Steptronic transmission about 20 years ago. They have been seeking ways to enhance it ever since it was created. The newest model offers quick shifting and a large range of performance options. You have the option to choose depending on what model you select and what driving style you want. This BMW transmission system is great for individuals who want both manual and automatic transmissions.

How Do These BMW Transmissions Work?

You might be wondering how this transmission system functions if it offers features of a manual and automatic transmission. This Steptronic transmission works by offering a fully automatic drive mode, while also offering a manual/sport drive mode. This manual mode will allow higher engine revving before shifting gears. This is perfect for the drivers out there who are big on performance. In the manual mode, you will have full control over what gears you want to drive in. The Steptronic transmission won’t let you rev too far or downshift to unsafe gears. It is smart enough to recognize these issues. This is a safety feature so you don’t damage anything. It is important to have a general understanding of how BMW transmissions work so you know what to look out for if yours starts to fail.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Faulty BMW Transmission?

There are many different symptoms that point towards a failing transmission. You know your car better than anyone else. Since you drive it the most, you will know if it starts driving differently. Have you ever heard strange noises coming from your vehicle or smelled something burning while you were driving? This could be a sign that your transmission is failing. If this happens, you will want to know what the BMW transmission repair cost is as well. These repairs can be very costly. To try and prevent expensive transmission repairs, you should always be aware of some of the signs and symptoms of a failing transmission. Listed below are some signs to look out for:

Transmission Won’t Stay In Gear: Let’s say you go to put your car into gear to drive to the grocery store. After you put it into gear, you notice that your car won’t move. This could be a sign that your BMW transmission is failing. Your car is supposed to move the moment you put it in to drive. If it doesn’t, you know you have a problem. You should always make sure to properly maintain your transmission to avoid these types of failures. Additionally, take your car to a mechanic the moment you notice this problem. They will be able to tell you what your BMW transmission repair cost is.

Slipping Transmission: If your transmission is slipping, you will be able to feel it. It will feel like you are driving in one gear and your car will switch gears for no reason. Additionally, you might hear a slight whining noise. These two things should alert you that you are having troubles with your BMW transmission. You might be wondering how this happens? Your transmission fluid could be too low. This could also happen from lack of maintenance. Either of those situations will cause wear and tear on your transmission. If you wait too long to address this problem, your transmission will get worse and you will have to pay more in repair costs.

Leaking Fluid: Have you ever seen red fluid under your vehicle? You most likely have a transmission fluid leak if there is red fluid under your car. This is very bad for your transmission. The fluid could leak into places where it shouldn’t and damage the working parts of the system. It is crucial to find where the leak is coming from. This problem could lead to a transmission repair. If that’s the case, you will want to find out what your BMW transmission repair cost will be. A mechanic will be able to help give you a price estimate.

Shifting Gears: If your car takes a lot of time to get into gear, you could have a transmission problem. There could be a leak somewhere within the system. This leak will lead to low transmission fluid levels. If this happens, your transmission could overheat and completely damage other parts. It is crucial for the transmission fluid to flow throughout the system. This fluid keeps the parts lubricated and it cools off the system. If you don’t fix this as soon as possible, you will be facing expensive repair costs.

Burning Smell: We all know that a burning smell coming from your car is not a good thing. If you start to smell something burning while you are driving, you need to drive directly to your local repair shop. Your car could create this burning smell due to low transmission fluid levels. This will lead to an overheated transmission system. You can always check your transmission dipstick to check the fluid levels. The mechanic will inform you of what your BMW transmission repair cost will be when you take it into them.

Buzzing Noise: Is your car making noises when you drive it? As much as this can annoy you, it could also lead to some serious problems with your transmission. Any type of buzzing or humming sound is probably coming from your transmission. Why is this happening? This could be occurring because of damaged gears. This noise is altering you that there is a problem and you need to go get a proper diagnosis. Take your car to a mechanic so they can tell you what is wrong and fix the issue before it gets worse.

Bmw Automatic Transmission Fluid

Check Engine Light Is On: Is your check engine light on? This light will go on to alert you that there is a problem in your car. It does not mean that it is with your engine. It will turn on if you have issues with your transmission as well. If your transmission is slipping or overheating the light will turn on. This is nothing to ignore. There are systems in your car programmed to turn this light on when there is a problem. This is to alert you before the problem gets worse. Don’t ever ignore when your check engine light turns on. You may need to repair your entire transmission so it is important to pay attention to these signals.

How Much Does A BMW Transmission Repair Cost?

Repairing your BMW transmission could be very expensive. This is one of the most expensive jobs a mechanic can perform. It is essential for the car to function and there are a lot of parts that go into it, which causes it to be so expensive. There are many different factors that will affect the cost, but the average cost is anywhere from $1,800 to $5,000.

When it comes to BMW transmission repairs, you do a few different options. You could repair your transmission with a used BMW transmission, rebuild a BMW transmission, or use a remanufactured BMW transmission. Now, it is important to choose the option that is best for you. Each one has its own pros and cons so you need to weigh all of your options before you choose one. It is important that you get multiple quotes before you choose which mechanic to go with. If you are working with a good automotive shop, they will be able to help you through the entire decision-making process. This is important because it is a very big purchase and you want to make sure you are getting the best quality work for the price you are paying.

What Factors Affect The Cost?

There are many different factors that will determine your BMW transmission repair cost. The biggest factor will be dependent on the type of repair and the extent of it as well. If there is a lot of damage, you should expect to pay more for that. If you are repairing the entire transmission, you will pay a couple thousand dollars for that. Another factor that will affect the cost is which shop you decide to use for the repair. Every mechanic charged different prices for their repairs. You will have to price them out to determine what is best for you.

Used Bmw Transmission For Sale

Do you have a manual or an automatic transmission? This will affect how much your BMW transmission repair will cost. Typically manual transmission will be a little cheaper to repair. The make and model of your car will also affect the price. Every manufacturer charges different prices for parts depending on the make and model. Furthermore, if you have an older car it could be more difficult for a mechanic to find the correct parts. Some of these parts could even be discontinued. This means more work for the mechanic which will increase the cost.

Lastly, the cost of living is different throughout the United States. If you live in a city where there is a higher cost of living, your local repair shop might charge more money. They have the means to do this because of the cost of living in this location. This will impact the overall cost of your BMW transmission repair.



Are you experiencing problems with your BMW transmission? If so, it is crucial that you take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible. These repairs can get very expensive so you don’t want to make the problem worse by waiting to get it fixed. It is also very dangerous to drive your BMW with a failing transmission. You are putting yourself and others in harm’s way by continuing to drive your car.

Used bmw transmission for sale

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