Backup Contacts To Google On Iphone

“I bought the latest iPhone and looking for optimum methods to sync my Google contacts with this new device’.

In this article, we discuss different ways of how to restore Gmail contacts as well as retrieve contacts without Google account on Android and iPhone. This is the main problem that we face in our daily life and sometimes we do not make a backup of our contacts.

  • Move iPhone Contacts to Google Contacts. Firstly, you will need to move your iPhone contacts to Google Contacts. If your contacts are already available in Google Contacts, then jump to step 2.
  • Back Up Now in the Summary section. ITunes will begin creating a complete backup of your iPhone, including your contacts. You can use this backup to restore an iPhone and retrieve your entire contacts list. The backup process may take several minutes to complete.

It is a common issue for every individual who makes frequent gadget purchase in pace with the evolving technology. It is a hectic procedure to manually feed the contacts and it takes ample time to complete the process. If you have a Google contacts backup then the contacts import to your brand-new gadget is easy. There are two methods to import contacts from Gmail to the iPhone. You can choose the convenient method and successfully import the contacts into your iPhone. Either make use of the built-in settings or go with the sophisticated intermediator iCloud platform. With the help of these methods, you will be able to import Google contacts effortlessly in a precise manner. It is high time to quickly import the contacts and prepare your new iPhone for optimum use.

Effective methods to import Google Contacts to iPhone

There are two efficient ways to import Google Contacts to iPhone. The first method makes use of the built-in settings and the second one uses the virtual storage iCloud to complete this task.

Method 1: Import Google contacts to iPhone via settings

In the below discussion you will learn how to import contacts from Google to iPhone directly using the settings in the iOS platform. The built-in settings in the iPhone vary with the iOS version. The below method adheres to the iOS 10 version.

Step 1: Unlock your device and go to the ‘Settings’ option. It appears as a gear-like logo and here you have to tap it to work on the Contacts option

Step 2: In the ‘Settings’ platform traverse to ‘Contacts’-> ‘Accounts’-> ‘Add Accounts’.

Step 3: Choose ‘Google’ from the displayed list and then enter the credentials for authorized login.

Step 4: As soon as you signup in your Google account enables the toggle button of ‘Contacts’ to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone.

When you synchronize your Google Contacts with the device then automatically the Google contacts move into the iPhone platform. It is the direct method and simple to carry out.

Method 2: Import Google contacts to iPhone with iCloud

In this method, you will enlighten with the steps on how to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone via iCloud environment. You have to employ the iTunes platform to establish this transfer task. In this technique multiple contacts imports into the device. You must manually remove the multiple contacts from the list.

Step 1: Enter your lock pattern to unlock your gadget and enter into Gmail and hit ‘Google’ -> ‘Contacts’. It is highly recommended to use the old version of Google Contacts because the new version does not support the ‘Export’ option.

Step 2: Next, tap the ‘More’ button and select ‘Export’ -> ‘vCard format’ from the displayed option.

Step 3: In the ‘Export Contacts’ window choose ‘Contacts’ in the top pane and ‘vCard format’ in the lower pane. Next hit ‘Export’ button to trigger the contacts transfer activity.

Step 4: In your iPhone, go to iCloud and sign in to your iTunes account by entering the Apple credentials. Then hit the ‘Contacts’ icon and select ‘import vCard’. The exported contacts from Gmail starts to import into your iPhone gadget effortlessly.

If you find multiple contacts in the list then try to delete it for precise results.


Therefore, you had an informative discussion on how to import contacts from Gmail to the iPhone. The above methods are simple and effective. You can import all the Google Contacts without any loss. The transfer takes place at a rapid rate despite several contacts. It is enough if you make the right clicks to accomplish the task optimally. This type of import is highly recommended than manual transfer which seems to be a time-consuming one. Many professionals recommend syncing your device contacts with Gmail because you may not lose the phone numbers even at the time of the device theft. Later on, you can import the available Google Contacts into your new gadget using the above-discussed technique.

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In some cases, contacts are not the numbers recorded in your iPhone, but the only tool to contact certain people. To protect your contacts from loss, you'd better to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail. You may hold the opinion that backing up iPhone contacts online should save more time, well, the truth is that you will spend more time on syncing contacts.

Compare with other methods to backup and transfer iPhone contacts, using Google Gmail seems to be the most reliable choice to keep your contacts safe and risk-free. The followings are step-by-step methods to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail that you can refer to.

Part 1. Simple way to backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail

When you have the need to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail, you can rely on a great iOS data transfer, MobieTrans. It has the capability to backup various iOS files like contacts, messages, call logs, videos, songs, photos and more to computer, Outlook, or another iPhone/iPad/iPod with ease. You can free download it and give a try.

Step 1. Download, install and run MobieTrans on your computer. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to it with USB cable. It will automatically recognize your device and show its basic information in the interface.

Step 2. Click 'Contacts' on the left control. Wait a while for it to scan the contacts on your iPhone.

Step 3. After scanning, you can see all detailed information of each iPhone contact. Choose the contacts you want to back up to Gmail and the click the computer icon to export them to computer, Outlook, Windows Address Book, CSV File and more based on your need. Microsoft outlook 2013 software download free.

Step 4. Open your Gmail contacts. Choose 'Import Contacts' in the left panel. Click 'Choose File' button to select contacts you just transfered to your computer. Tap 'Open' and then 'Import' to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail. Get easy methods to save contacts to Gmail.

Part 2. Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail Directly

Contacts can be transferred to Gmail directly without external applications. And all can be done on iPhone alone. You can read and follow detailed steps to backup contacts from iPhone to Gmail directly.

Step 1. Add the Google account to be synced with

Tap 'Settings' icon and scroll down to find 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' button. Click 'Add Account' button to see all your bundled accounts. Pick up 'Google' icon and tap it. Now you can rename your account to prevent being mixed if you operate numerous accounts.

Note: The above iPhone contacts backup method to Gmail aims for iOS 10.2 and earlier versions. If you are running iOS 10.3 and later, then you can select 'Contacts' directly after tapping 'Settings'.

Step 2. Choose the two-way sync method

After that, you will be taken to the next setup stage. You can enable or disable backing up iPhone contacts to Gmail. Moreover, you are also able to sync calendars and notes from iPhone to Gmail account by the way.

Since you have set to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail automatically, you can enable your synced Gmail contacts to create a new contact group.

Part 3. Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail with iTunes

For most iOS users, iTunes is the useful processor offering numerous functionalities. It is also supported to backup contacts from iPhone to Gmail in free way.

Step 1. Sync contacts with Google Contacts in iTunes

Backup Contacts To Google On Iphone

Use the USB cable to connect iPhone to your Mac or PC. Launch iTunes to enable your iOS device being detected. Select 'Sync Contacts with Google Contacts' under the 'Info' option on the toolbar. You can set whether backup all iPhone contacts to Gmail with iTunes or just the selected groups. Enter you Google username and password when the prompt pops up. If you forget Gmail username, you can check this post.

Step 2. View backed up iPhone contacts with iTunes

After you have accessed Google account, the iPhone contacts transferring and syncing process will start automatically. If you wanna see all backed up iPhone contacts, you can visit Choose 'Contacts' from the drop-down menu to see all your backed up iPhone contacts.

Part 4. Backup iPhone Contacts to Gmail with iCloud

You can use iCloud to transfer not only iPhone contacts but also other iOS data automatically to the Gmail account.

Step 1. Enable Contacts synced with iCloud

Open your iPhone and tap 'Settings'. Find your Apple account on the top and click it. Scroll down to find 'iCloud' button. Since you have entered iCloud settings, choose 'Contacts' to turn it on. If the on-off option besides Contacts has been green, then your iCloud account will start syncing iPhone contacts automatically.

Step 2. Export your iPhone contacts

Open on your computer. Enter your Apple ID and password. Tap the right-direction arrow. Now tap the 'Contacts' icon to see all your iPhone contacts. Select iPhone contacts you wanna backup. Click the 'Settings' gear icon in the lower left corner. Choose 'Export vCard' option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Backup iPhone contacts to Gmail with iCloud

Open your Gmail contacts. If you were taken to the Material Design version that offers a thick blue banner, tap 'Go to the old version' to go back. Later, choose 'Import Contacts' in the left panel. Click 'Choose File' button to select contacts downloaded before. Tap 'Open' to upload selected iPhone contacts. Hit 'Import' to backup iPhone contacts using iCloud successfully.

All your synced iPhone contacts can be found in the 'Downloads' folder on your Mac or Windows computer. Check this post to learn how to backup locked iPhone or iPad with ease.

Click here to get more contacts backup apps to backup your iPhone.

Backup Contacts To Google On Iphone 10

With all iPhone contacts backup processes covered, you are able to transfer and sync contacts manually or automatically. If you have other methods to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail selectively, you can leave your messages below to share with more people.

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