Adobe Indesign To Word

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ID2Office 2019 is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC to CC 2019 and allows anyone to convert an InDesign file to Microsoft Word type. To Export an InDesign file to Word you simply: 1. Open the InDesign file and click the Recosoft menu in InDesign.

Adobe Indesign To Word
  • Learn how to import text into Adobe InDesign in less than 5 minutes with easy to follow step by step instructions. We'll take a text document from Microsoft.
  • It has two main functions, to divide a word that needs to be split at the end of a line and to join a compound word. On a standard English keyboard the hyphen can be found to the right of the zero. Indesign will hyphenate your body copy automatically if the 'Hyphenate' tick box is selected, it can be found within the paragraph panel.

Do you have a document that you created in InDesign that you want to convert to Word? The process to convert InDesign to Word can seem like a challenging process, but only if you don't have the right tool. There are very many situations where you may want to export InDesign files to Word, and Word is a great way to edit the text in the document if you don't have access to the InDesign app. In this article, we’ll outline the best tool to help you convert InDesign files to Word - PDFelement.

One of the best tools to help you export InDesign to Word is PDFelement. This is a document management tool that can be very handy when managing PDF documents, but is also quite useful in converting documents from one format to another. Apart from being very easy to use, the program also has the following features:

  • This tool can be used to create PDF documents in a single click and also convert the PDF files into any other format including Word.
  • It also has a powerful OCR feature that is used to transform scanned or image-rich PDF files into editable formats.
  • It can be used to edit various aspects of the PDF document including the text and images within the document.
  • You can easily create and fill forms and use the signature feature to secure sensitive documents.

How to Convert InDesign to Word

PDFelement makes it very easy for you to convert InDesign files to Word. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Export InDesign Files to PDF

In the InDesign app, click 'File' and then 'Export'. In the dialogue box, choose 'Adobe PDF (Print)' as the format and click 'Save.'

Step 2. Open InDesign PDF

To open the InDesign PDF, click on 'Open File…' in the program's main window or drag and drop the file into the program to open it.

Step 3: Convert InDesign to Word

Markdownsharp. To covert the open file to Word, click on 'Home' in the main menu and then click on 'To Word.' You will then be able to choose the output folder to save the converted Word document. After you set all properties, click 'Convert.'

Tips: How to Export InDesign to Word Online

There are tools that you can use online to export InDesign to Word. But most of these tools will only work if you first of all export the InDesign files to PDF and then convert the PDF to Word. But there are some shortcomings to exporting InDesign to Word online and they include the following:

  • Most online tools will not work with documents that are password-protected.
  • They may also not be ideal for documents that have too many images on them. Once conversion is complete, images may not be formatted correctly.
  • You don't have the option to make changes to the PDF document before you convert to Word.
  • An online tool may not be the ideal solution for documents with sensitive information, since you cannot guarantee the safety of the data in your file.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Convert InDesign to Word, it’s a request most graphic designers have heard before – when your client says “actually, we’d like to be able to edit this file ourselves, can you give this to me in Microsoft Word?

The thing is, while Adobe Creative Suite is the go-to for designers and branding agencies, most clients don’t have or even know how to use these expensive, complicated applications. Microsoft Office is the standard for documents and presentations, with Word and PowerPoint being used by millions of businesses daily.

As you may already know, there is no way to convert InDesign to Word directly. However, it is possible to export your InDesign file using Acrobat and then save that as a Word document. Here’s how:

Export from InDesign to PDF

Adobe Indesign Word Count

Open the file in InDesign and choose File > Export. In the Save As menu, select Adobe PDF (Print) as your file format. Then open your PDF in Acrobat Pro.

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Export to DOC

In Acrobat Pro, go to File > Export To > Microsoft Word, and select Word document. In the Save As dialogue, click on the Settings button to tweak attributes such as Layout Settings and Image Settings. Then hit the Save button, and give it a few seconds to complete the conversion!

Don’t have Acrobat Pro? No worries, there are several free tools just a Google search away. Nitro is a great PDF to Word converter that you can try free for 14 days.


Converting InDesign to Word in this manner will only result in an editable Word document. Keep in mind that this is a fairly rudimentary file conversion and it will not be a perfect replica.

Adobe Indesign To Word Conversion

If you need to convert your InDesign file for business purposes and brand consistency is key, then quality isn’t something you want to cut corners on. The best way to convert an InDesign file to Word is to create a brand new template with all the design elements built in. We’ll discuss that in more depth in a future post.

If you need help with converting files from InDesign to Word and brand consistency is paramount, then contact us. We are experts in translating design concepts to Microsoft Office templates, both in Word and Powerpoint.

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