8000 Lb Forklift

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  1. 8000 Lb Forklift For Sale
  2. 8000 Lb Forklift Rental
  3. 8000 Lb Telehandler For Sale
  4. 8000 Lb Forklift For Sale
We have many makes and models of forklift trucks available for both retail and wholesale sales. You can search our current inventory listing using the search keys below to find what you are looking for. Not all of our inventory is listed and our inventory changes all the time so if you don’t see what you need, call us at 704-644-0709.

8000 Lb Forklift For Sale

8000 Lb Forklift Rental

Yale GLC080 Short wheel base 8000 lb cushion tire forklift, LP Gas powered with 2 stage 122' lift height mast, 4 way hydraulics with Side shift, Non Marking cushion tires, only 2338 hours Stock No: FLP1517. Backed by our proven support network, Crown's internal combustion forklifts are ready to handle the tough assignments. C-5 Series 4000 - 6500 lb Capacity Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire LPG Forklift.

8000 Lb Telehandler For Sale


8000 Lb Forklift For Sale

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Stock No:FLP1301SN:B875B14545EYear:2007Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLP050Capacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:3 stg mast with 189' lift height, 3 way hydraulics, SS, Only 2908 Hours.
Stock No:FLP1300SN:B875B14540EYear:2007Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLP050Capacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:3 stg. 189 mast, 3 way hydraulics, SS/LBR, Lever controls, Solid Pneumatic Tires, Only 3486 hours. Truck is currently on rent
Stock No:3604194SN:G108N05338DYear:2006Make:HysterLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:E45ZCapacity:4500Power:ElectricFuel:36VMast:3 stg
Description:3 stg. 189/82 mast, 3 way hydraulics, SS, LBR, refurbished battery, only 1155 hrs., Professionally refurbished and painted. This truck is currently on rent
Stock No:FLP1318SN:HR44062-3-7Year:Make:HertnerLoc:Matthews, NC
Description:24 volt single phase charger, AC In 208/240/480 volts, 16/14/7 amps, 60 hz Ph 1, DC out 24 volts, 101 amps.
Stock No:FLP1292SN:12523Year:2007Make:ToyotaLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:8FGCSU20Capacity:4000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:3 stg. 189/81 mast, 4 way hydraulics, SS, LBR, Lever controls, Cushion tires, 9978 hrs. Truck is currently out on rent.
Stock No:FLP1313SN:D818V02023CYear:2005Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLC100Capacity:10000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:3 stg. 163/88 mast, 3 way hydraulics, SS, Lever controls, New Cushion tires, 2859 hrs. Newly repainted.
Stock No:FLP1322SN:394LTD1652Year:Make:LTDLoc:Matthews, NC
Description:12 Volt single phase charger, 300-600 amp hours, 50 Max amps, AC Input 120 volts/PH1/60 HZ
Stock No:FLP1304SN:F34167Year:Make:AutomacLoc:Matthews, NC
Description:36 volt 3 phase charger, AC in 208/240/480 volts, 26/23/12 amps 60 hz. Ph. 3 DC out 36 volts, 150 amps.
Stock No:FLP1330SN:A894N03058JYear:2011Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Description:6500 lb. Capacity, 12 Volt, 765 Max Amp H with 48' (9' wide) forks. 1618 Hours
Stock No:F19912SN:A875B23237AYear:2003Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLP060Capacity:6000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:6000 lb. capacity Pneumatic tire with 3 stg 189 mast, 3 way Hydraulics, SS/LBR, Lever directional control, professionally painted.
Stock No:13693SN:A896N02969ZYear:2002Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Description:6000 lb. capacity, 24 volt with 48' (9' wide) forks, 2514 Hours
Stock No:FLP1411SN:29929Year:2002Make:GenieLoc:Matthews, NC
Description:Genie 19 ft scissor lift, 500 lb capacity with non Marking tires, Pull out Platform extension, and Basket control. Newly Painted with New Batteries. 38.4 hours. Good, Clean unit.
Stock No:FLP1429SN:A910V10507EYear:2007Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLC050Capacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:5000 lb. capacity cushion tire truck with 3 stg. 189 inch mast and 3 way hydraulics, SS/LBR,
Stock No:FLP1423SN:F187V03943CYear:2005Make:HysterLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:S50FTCapacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:5000 lb. Cushion Tire, LPG, 3 stg 189' mast, 3 way Hydraulics with SS, LBR, Minilever Controls, Monotrol, good Non Marking tires, 9975 hours
Stock No:FLP1502SN:A910V02682CYear:2005Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLC060Capacity:6000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:6000 lb. capacity LPG Cushion tire with 3 stage 182' mast, 3 way hydraulics with SS, LBR, Monotrol directional controls, Good non marking tires, New leather seat, 10280 hours.
Stock No:FLP1514SN:470L-0085-6773FBYear:Make:ClarkLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:CGC40Capacity:8000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:8000 lb. cushion tire, LPG with short wheel base for tighter maneuverability, 3 stg. mast and 3 way hydraulics with SS, only 5453 hours. This truck is currently on rent.
Stock No:FLP1531SN:Year:2011Make:FeelerLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:FB-16Capacity:3500Power:ElectricFuel:48VMast:2 stg
Description:3500 lb. Capacity, Electric, 48 volt, Pneumatic Tires with 2 stg 127' lift height, LBR, good tires. Comes with Battery and Charger - only 1530 hours.
Stock No:FLP1517SN:D818V02529CYear:2005Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLC100Capacity:10000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:10,000 lb capacity, IC Cushion tire unit with 3 stg 185 lift height mast, 4 way hydraulics with SS, Non Marking tires, HydraSmooth Hydraulics, only 3695 hours. Truck looks and runs great!
Stock No:73809SN:A903N01819DYear:2006Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Description:24 volt with built in charger, 5900 hours.
Stock No:FLP1608SN:F187V16667HYear:2010Make:HysterLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:S50FTCapacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:Hyster S50FT with 3 stg 200' lift height mast, 3 way hydraulics with SS, Lever controls, Good cushion tires, 8860 Hours.
Stock No:FLP1458SN:171770Year:2004Make:Taylor DunnLoc:
Description:Taylor Dunn Personell/burden carrier, Gas powered,
Stock No:FLP1552SN:A875B18249ZYear:2002Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLP060Capacity:6000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:Yale GLP060 6000 lb capacity solid Pneumatic tire forklift with 3 stg 187' lift height mast, 3 way hydraulics with SS, Lever controls, 5954 hours.
Stock No:FLP1606SN:H2X391W00532Year:Make:LindeLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:H18CDCapacity:3500Power:ICFuel:DieselMast:2 stg
Description:Linde 3500 lb capacity Diesel Powered Cushion tire forklift with 2 stage 120' lift height mast, Hydrostatic Transmission, 2 way hydraulics, LBR.
Stock No:FLP1662SN:11030Year:Make:ToyotaLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:02-5FD10Capacity:2000Power:ICFuel:DieselMast:3 stg
Description:Toyota Diesel 2000 lb capacity pneumatic tire forklift with 3 stage 185' mast, 3 way hydraulics, lever controls. Note truck has been outfitted with New seat since pictures were taken.
Stock No:FLP1561SN:F187V16353HYear:2010Make:HysterLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:S50FTCapacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:4 stg
Description:2010 Hyster S50FT LPGas powered 5000 lb capacity forklift with 4 stage 240' lift height mast, 3 way hydraulics with Side shift, Lever Directional control, fingertip hydraulics controls.
Stock No:FLP1655SN:66720Year:Make:ToyotaLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:7FGCU15Capacity:3000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:2 stg
Description:Toyota 3000 lb capacity LPGas powered forklift with 2 stage 131' lift height mast, 3 way hydraulics, Cushion tires, LBR, 3232 hours.
Stock No:FLP1540SN:D818V02657DYear:2006Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLC080Capacity:8000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:2 stg
Description:Yale GLC080 Short wheel base 8000 lb cushion tire forklift, LP Gas powered with 2 stage 122' lift height mast, 4 way hydraulics with Side shift, Non Marking cushion tires, only 2338 hours
Stock No:FLP1517SN:D818V02529CYear:2005Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLC100Capacity:10000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:Yale 10,000 lb capacity LPGas cushion tire forklift with 3 stg 185' lift height mast, 4 way hydraulics, wide 48' forks, only 3746 Hours
Stock No:FLP1634SN:H2X394W00138Year:Make:LindeLoc:Matthews, NC
Stock No:FLP1661SN:B875B05510DYear:2006Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLP050Capacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:5000 lb pneumatic tire LP Gas forklift with 3 stage 200' lift height mast, 3 way hydraulics with sideshift. Solid Profile solid Pneumatic tires, Low hours.
Stock No:FLP1659SN:B875B03473DYear:2006Make:YaleLoc:Matthews, NC
Model:GLP050Capacity:5000Power:ICFuel:LPGMast:3 stg
Description:5000 lb capacity Pneumatic tire LP Gas powered forklift with 3 stage, 200' lift height mast, 3 way hydraulics with Sideshift, Solid profile pneumatic tires, 6342 hours
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