6.0 Transmission Cooler

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6.0 Transmission Cooler
  1. 6.0 Transmission Cooler
  2. 6.0 Transmission Cooler Line Removal Tool

6.0 Transmission Cooler

Transmission Coolers & Accessories Type Clip (3) FPT (3) Fitting Kit (8) Nipple (1) Universal (1) Core Depth (in) 1-1/2 Inch (5) 3-1/2 Inch (1) 3/4 Inch (2) 4 Inch (1) 4-1/8 Inch (1) Core Height (in) 11 Inch (1) 11-5/8 Inch (1) 12 Inch (1) 13-4/5 Inch (1) 24 Inch (1) 7-1. Welcome To the one stop powerstroke shop. Welcome to Riffraff Diesel Performance Parts, your family owned and operated source for 7.3L, and 6.0L Powerstroke parts. We specialize in Powerstroke Diesel Performance parts for all of your needs, so just select your truck model and year to see all the diesel parts we have available. It is much easier to keep trans temps lower in older trucks due to their simple transmission cooler line setup. For newer models with a 6L80 or 6L90 however (2014+), the transmission cooler lines utilize a built in thermostat that remains closed and does not flow to.

6.0 Transmission Cooler Line Removal Tool

For those of you running a 7.3 you may already know that the trans cooler is just a tad small and can often provide insufficient cooling.
I just finished installing a 6.0 cooler on my 7.3 Superduty, this a bolt on replacement with the exception of splicing tranny lines for the bigger 1/2 lines the new cooler uses.
This cooler will make your trans run any were from 30-60 degrees cooler and you're pretty much can't over heat your trans, great for us plow guys.
My detailed write up of how to do it can be seen here:
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